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Genre : Romance
TARGET AUDIENCE: Adult ,Teenagers
Pages : 185

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Heartfully Arranged Adultery

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Harshak had been given a task by his college classmate . He was at the cinema with Ishika. He was there as a representative of his friend Ajay , the boy with whom Ishika was having a relationship. Ajay needed a representative as he could not go close to Ishika because her family had found out their affair. The experience of going to the cinema in the company of a girl was something like living a dream for Harshak as he was always confined to lessons. Certain weird thoughts did come to him about Ishika , but he kept the emotions at check as the girl had nothing to do with him. The college days ended. Many years after ... Harshak was on his way to office in an auto rickshaw. It was raining heavily. The autorickshaw halted to collect another passenger. A rain drenched Ishika got into the autorickshaw and sat beside Harshak. Both talked about the college days. Ishika was still in a relationship with Ajay, like the college days, but was Harshak able to overcome his weird feelings for Ishika as he had done before in the college days ? A relationship outside the wedlock is called cheating and adultery But Every relationship outside the wedlock is not necessarily adultery Here is a tale inspired by the Greek legend of Enipeus

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M Aishvarya

About the Author:

M. Aishvarya, who is fondly called Maverick Aishvarya by his friends, likes to read fiction. He has the hobby writing essays, short stories and novels. He is a NEOHEATHEN writer. He completed schooling in St.JOSEPH’S CONVENT HIGHER SECONDARY SCHOOL, Sambalpur, Odisha. He completed his graduation with distinction in ENGLISH HONOURS in the year 2014 as a student of GANGADHAR MEHER UNIVERSITY, Sambalpur, Odisha. He completed his M.A in ENGLISH in the year 2016 as a student of SAMBALPUR UNIVERSITY, Jyoti Vihar, Burla, He worked as a LECTURER in ENGLISH at VIKASH JUNIOR COLLEGE, Sason, Sambalpur. At present, he is doing research in the DERPARTMENT OF HUMANITIES at VEER SURENDRA SAI UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY ( VSSUT) , Burla, Sambalpur, Odisha, India. He has received a DOCTOR OF LETTERS Degree from the UNIVERSITY OF ASIA , Kathmandu , Nepal in the year 2018. He is an Indian Rodnover .