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Genre : Poetry
Pages : 180

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Book Blurb:

"Love me before I get lost in this journey of life,
Let us float and fly together like these carefree clouds.
My beautiful! Let me embellish you like a bride
This moonlit sky is our wedding bower,
Let\'s get mingled into one. "

Aisling is a collection of poems on Love, Life, Hope, Wisdom. It also touches upon some crucial contemporary topics. Feel with me and heal your emotions.

Explore your heart with poetic words of Aisling.
Enter my world and share it with me.

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Sample Chapters:

When She was Loved

She found a true lover
One , who saw beauty in her.
Not a wild beauty to be hunted.
The beauty that was serene.
It was as calm as the evening wind -
Wind which gathers up like sleeping flowers.
She was no more a body to be played with.
She became a soul that was loved and caressed.
This time she was not brought to be disrobed.
She was brought from the life of poverty and dressed up.
Both her body and soul were tormented by curs.
He touched her wounds to heal them.
He kissed those scars and loved them with his heart.
She felt alive.
Her worn outs were decorated with love poetries.
Her name was spilled over those verses.
She never lived in a brothel again
She lived in a temple
Temple of his heart , where she was prayed.
She was not a lady of the evening anymore
She became a lady of his heart.

- Sakshi Arora

Not an unusual day

The alarm rang at five
Drowsily , she rubbed the eyes.
Trying hard to leave the bed
Limping like a zombie , dead.
She woke up to the blanket of darkness
Unwilling to move that day , I guess.
The world around was still asleep
For her , the morning was a bit bleak
She knew , she had no time to be meek.
Furbishing herself , she tightened up her belt
Tied up to the chores , she usually dealt.
Finishing her work , drained , she felt.
With aching body , that haggard lady
Glossed herself and got ready.
She reached her work place , engaged in her work
\'How are you so perfect madam? \' , complimented a clerk.
Screaming , Screeching , Struggling , inside
She genuinely , passed a twinkling smile.
Confidently , she presented her slides
Excellent ! The boss replied.
Tired soul , back to her place
Greeted everyone with a smiling face.
The day was hard , she was in pain
Resting thoughts , all in vain.
People at home were waiting for food
She prepared it all without being rude.
\'It\'s not my favourite dish\'
\'It\'s not what I wish\' .
One hearing this , she got enraged
At her agitation , she was herself amazed.
She felt sorry for loosing the patience
She couldn\'t help , these mood fluctuations.
Happens this time , she had somewhere read
Still prepared the dessert , before going to bed.
Took her pills and slept in her room , as she came
The next day was going to be the same.
It\'s the story of every other dame.
She works more than the body allows , for sure.
In deeds she\'s praiseworthy and in body she\'s pure.

Sakshi Arora

Short Synopsis:

Aisling is a collection of poems by budding poet and language specialist, Sakshi Arora.

Sakshi Arora

About the Author:

Sakshi Arora of Prayagraj, is post graduated in English Literature and holds a diploma in French Language. She is a poet and also a Verbal, Communication and Personality Development trainer.
Apart from writing for various anthologies, she has also written online journals.
For her, poetry is the way to find emotional catharsis. She believes that poetry sheds a light on the world and provides the best way to express yourself and understand others.
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