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Twisted Souls

Book Blurb:

What would you do if your past traps you in a never-ending loop of horror…….

When coming from a party Mayra Verma finds herself trapped in a situation she never
thought she would experience in her life. The game of manipulation and torture begins
which makes her realize the mistakes she committed in the past. Somehow, she finds
herself out of the situation but thereafter her life takes a drastic change –for good and
for bad. She finds helpless in the transformed circumstances but with the help of
Siddhartha an orphan, she discovers her new life path, which was distracting from the
luring dangers patiently waiting for her. When she least expected, the horror returns in
her life, and this time snatches everything from her.

Sample Chapters:

Chapter 1


There was a constant pounding in her head and her body felt limp. There was no sense
of strength in her. It was all dark around her and then she realized that her eyes were
closed. A groan escaped her throat and tried to open her eyes. They were heavy.

Another drunken stupor! She thought.

It was not new for her to have the after-party effects. The hangover was the normal
thing but this time it was deadly. Her whole body was aching though she remembered
not having much alcohol this time. She somehow fluttered her eyes open. It was still
dark around her.

Where am I?

Her mind could not process anything. The constant pounding in her head and the
heaviness on her eyelids were allowing her to concentrate on nothing. She looked
around her and found herself in a dark room lying on a simple steel-framed bed with an
old mattress. A thin blanket rested beside her feet. There were no windows in the room
but only one door that was closed. She didn’t recognize the room.
Slowly, she lifted herself and sat on the bed. She again looked at her surrounding but
nowhere had she remembered whose room it was. This room was simple, only a bed
and no furniture. No one from her friend circle or whoever she was in contact with, were
all rich to have such kind of room. Then, where the hell she was?

Her fingers rubbed her pounding head as she tried to remember what happened before
she came to this room. She was certain that last night she was attending one of her
friend’s parties. Mingling with everyone and was boozing around. Her head was now
hitting her violently as she tried remembering last night\'s occurrences.

13 hours earlier

She reapplied her red lipstick on her already painted lips as she praised herself looking
in the mirror of her expensive Maserati car. The smirk graced her face. Mayra knew she
was beautiful, in fact, gorgeous with her perfect curvy figure, her long brown locks that
reached up to her waist. Her flawless soft heart-shaped face and sharp features
emphasized with the right amount of makeup. She was dead gorgeous.

“Hey, Mayra!” Her friends immediately greeted her as soon as she entered the place.
The loud music blasted the entire place, the smoke was thicker and the smell of liquor
and costly perfumes were mixed in the air.

“Hey, Guys, what’s up?” She greeted them back.

“You look hot Mayra.” One of her friends praised her.

Taking compliments was nothing new for her. She always and every time got them. She
was a beautiful girl and for that, she had no hesitation to flaunt her beauty effortlessly.
She had a full-pride on her looks and personality and never missed an opportunity to
disparage anyone. She considered herself the best in front of everyone else.

“Tell me something new.” She replied unfazed.

Their laughter surrounded them and straight away picked their liquor shots. She, like all
her friends, belonged to the rich class society. Booze and partying were normal to them
at this age too. Their parents had no issues with that unless everything kept under

Mayra was enjoying herself until she saw the familiar face in the crowd ‘Anu’. She
excused herself and went straight to her. Anu and Mayra always tagged along with each
other in the school and outside. She was her good friend or so Anu thought. For Mayra,
she was just an acquaintance and could use her as she pleased.

A sly smile appeared on Mayra’s face as she approached her. Anu was talking to Anuj
whom she was crushing on from the first day he came to their school. He was a new
admission. Mayra knew Anu was full crazy for this boy and used to bother her all the
time about him. As Mayra approached them, both their attention shifted to her.

Anu’s face lit up and was about to hug her friend but soon the smile fainted as she saw
Mayra went straight to Anuj and they kissed each other in front of her. She was
shocked. Her mind froze at the scene in front of her and there was a pang of an ache in
her heart. She felt betrayed by the person she considered her good friend. Tears
brimmed in her eyes.

“I thought I’ll never see you again after our long passionate night,” Anuj spoke as soon
they parted from their heated kiss. Mayra smiled not breaking her eye contact from him.

“You are lucky I guess.” Anuj did nothing but raised his brows before chuckling to
himself. His attention drifted to his friends who were calling him at the back. He waved
his friends and then focused back on Mayra whose eyes were on him.

“Well, I want it to stay like that. Meet me some time.” Mayra gave him a knowing smile
and then watched his retreating frame towards his friends.

Anu stood there speechless. After witnessing the scene and their conversation, she was
heartbroken. She knew Mayra was a conniving bitch to others but never thought she
would stab her like that. “Did you two….” She trailed off fearing to say the word or even

considering the thought of the two being intimate like that. She liked Anuj a lot though
never told him. But Mayra knew everything about her feelings for Anuj.

“Had sex?” Mayra completed it for her. “You can say the word Anu and yes, we did.”

“How could you? You knew about my feelings for him, Mayra.” Anu yelled but her voice
blocked for the others in the loud music.

“Oh c’mon Anu. Look at him! I had to have a taste of him. And then you didn’t have a
chance in front of me. Look at you and me. I’m far more beautiful and confident and any
guy would prefer me over you.”

Anu listened to the person she once thought her lifeline. She couldn’t believe Mayra
said those words to her. “I thought you were my friend.” She finally uttered the words but
in a whisper. Her mind was in a daze.

“I am your friend Anu and that’s why you can have him but only after I have him for
twice more.” Now the tears spilled out of Anu’s eyes but she didn’t care to wipe them off.
She wanted to wipe the smug smile off of Mayra’s face. When Mayra stretched her hand
to touch her shoulders she stepped back, not even wanted a slight contact of her.

Mayra scoffed at her behavior and took a step towards her. Leaning down to her ear as
Anu was short by 5 inches, she spoke, “Don’t be a cry baby. And don’t you ever behave
like that. You will not like the consequences if I turn my back to you. You know better not
to go against my word. I can be a lot mean to you.” Venom was clear in her tone.

Anu did nothing but stood still with her dilated eyes at her words. A few seconds
passed, and she came back to her senses, her lips moved again, “But what about

“What about him? He is just a friend and sometimes we fool around. He knows I don’t
want to be more than that. Now excuse me.” Mayra turned away from her. She couldn’t
take any more melodrama from Anu. As she took a few steps towards the dance floor
her gaze rested on a pair of familiar eyes. They were stilled on her and several
emotions flared in them like, hurt and anger.

Not him, not at this time.

She had enough heavy conversations for the day. She didn’t want to talk to that person,
so she moved past him and grooved on the dance floor. The same pair of eyes met with
Anu’s glistened one and without uttering a single word to each other they both went
somewhere private.

It was around 2 am when Mayra decided to go back home. After saying her bye to all
her friends she made her way towards her car. For a change, she was sober today and

decided to drive herself instead of calling for a cab. In the middle of driving back to her
place, her car suddenly jerked and stopped. Mayra tried a couple of times to start the
car but it was of no use.

Stepping out of the car she opened the bonnet to look for the problem. As she was
inspecting, she felt a slight pain on her neck like someone has injected her and before
she could look behind someone grabbed her and put a handkerchief on her nose and a
few moments later she drowned in the dark.

Chapter 2


Her eyes popped out with the crude realization. She was in this room because she was
kidnapped, someone kidnapped her.

No no no…. this is not happening.

She instantly stood on her feet and ran towards the door ignoring her torturous
headache. She tried to open the door many times but it was locked. Then she banged
on the door, “Open the door.”

It seemed like her voice fell on deaf ears. There was no one to hear her or perhaps
ignored her calls. She was unnerved and didn’t know what to do. The tears threatened
to spill out anytime. She continued to assault her palms and wrist with her constant
slamming. The continuous yelling was exhausting her both, physically and mentally.
After a while, she gave up the fight. Her body slummed down upon itself with her knees
close to her chest and head hung around. She didn’t know how long she sat there
against the door.

Why was she kidnapped? What do those people want? Was it for the money or
something else? These were a few of the questions that were nagging her around. She
silently prayed to be for money as her family could easily provide, irrespective of the

She was rich. Her father was a famous and respected businessman. Her grandfather,
though retired now, had many properties around the globe along with different
company’s shares and bonds. Her mother was a famous interior designer too. They
were well-known personalities and thus had many enemies and rivals. There was no

hiding the fact that it could be the cause of her kidnapping. The particular thought was
petrified enough.

When her eyes began to droop down, she gathered her from the floor and lay on the
bed. She didn’t want to sleep, but she had no further energy to be awake. Kidnapped!
The thought molested her to the core. Tears started to fall like rain and she let herself
drowsed in her ordeal.

It was a few hours later she cracked her eyes open. For a second she was puzzled but
when she took the sight of her surrounding, the realization dawned on her again. She
was in the same room, pale and depressing walls, scant lighting. The recollection
washed her drowsiness.

Her eyes were wide opened with the fear when she heard the clanking of locks undone.
She tousled herself at the back of the bed. She watched with her swollen and red eyes
as the door swung open and three men entered the room. Alarmed, she instantly stood
from the bed and slowly stepped backward, as far away from the intruders.

Her heartbeat was frantic, and she was in a sheer horror state. Her pulsing was so hard
that she could hear them. Suddenly, the room littered with faint light and she was more
terrified now as she looked at the outlining of three frames standing in front of her. She
regarded the 3 people in turn, from head to toe. The long black full sleeve coat covered
everything from the shoulders to their knees. Beneath their knees, all three people wore
black jeans and black shoes. Not a single inch of their skin was exposed. Their palms
were covered with gloves and their face had a mask, only keeping their eyes bare to be
visible. They all stood in their glorified posture and that lone was intimidating her.

There was something about them that made her feel uncomfortable and she shuddered
involuntarily. “Who you are?” Her voice came soft and shaky but audible due to the
eerie silence in the room. As in cue, the person in the middle stepped forward and stood
close to her. Mayra gulped trying to smother her terror but didn’t back down to look
away from him. Not wanting to give them an idea of her frantic state. She didn’t want
them to feel superior and allow them to suppress her.

“Who are you and want you want?” She asked again when there was no reply. Mayra
was frightened but curious too. She wanted to know the reason for being captured. And
the lack of answers was making her edgy.

The person said nothing but the gaze was constant at her. The look was intense and
unnerving like he was seeing through her. He knew what she was trying to do, to uphold
her fear and discomfort in front of them. She was a tough cookie to crack. But he too
was adamant to break her and bring her down exactly where he wanted her to be. He
didn’t know what would happen in the future and frankly, he didn\'t bother about that. The
voice in his head was telling him it is insane but now the backing down was not an
option. The ball had rolled and now there was no way back.

He simply smirked. Let the game begin!

“You must have guessed by now you are kidnapped so let’s get to the business straight
away.” His voice came muffled from the mask he had but it was clear enough to
understand what he was saying. “You will do whatever you are asked to do and you’ll
not show disrespect, ever. Food will be given twice a day. Eat with no complaining.
You’ll be escorted to the washroom twice a day. If you want to piss in between, use the
dish in the far corner.” He pointed to a dish kept in one of a corner of the room.
Mayra didn’t know what to say. She was stunned or more of a fact, she was in sheer
terror. When there was no response from her he turned around to exit the room. His
footsteps stopped near the door and faced her again. He lingered his stare on her frame
for mere seconds before his muffled voice rang in the room, “It will be better for you if
you behave otherwise your stay will be much harder…..beyond your imagination. It’s my
advice but if you want to take it as a warning….I don\'t mind.” With that, they all exited
the room leaving her alone to digest the words and situation.

Her eyes were wide opened after listening to everything. She was used to the luxurious
life and her independent lifestyle. Never her parents tried to control her or command her
to do anything. This was pure torture for her. She couldn’t stay like this. As the
realization dawned on her, she ran towards the person but before she could reach, the
door got closed.

“No, no….You can’t do this. Let me out, I want to go home…” Again her voice went
unheard. She slammed the door many times, but no prevails. When she understood
that no one would listen to her she dragged her legs to the bed and with a thump, she
let her body fell on it. Something tightened her chest and a weird pressure around her
stomach was making her uneasy. She clamped her stomach as she could not breathe
properly. She was hyperventilating.

This whole situation chilled her to the bone. Without noticing a lone tear left her eyes.
Her throat constricted, her lower lip trembled, and just like that the tears flowed. She
wanted to escape from this place, this situation but didn’t know what to do and how to
do it.

Mayra never realized the true meaning and importance of her freedom, until now. She
always took her freedom, her lifestyle for granted. Never she acknowledged her parents
for that. She always thought it was their duty to provide her with everything. They were
not doing anything different.

In only a few hours she understood how ungrateful she has ever been to her family. She
wanted to go home and apologize for all her misbehavior. She was yearning to be with
them. For the first time, she was missing her home, her family.
With all the exhaustion her eyelids became heavy, and she just wanted to sleep down in
her memory lane. Reminiscing herself in her house, in her bedroom. Many thoughts
were pondering her mind that very moment.

What her parents were doing right now? Were they searching for her? Were they
worried that she was not home?

Short Synopsis:

Mayra learns the hard way that her entitled attitude and the bullying she indulged in in her past are not going to let go of her so easily. A shadowy kidnapper vows to ensure she never has a day\\\\\\\'s happiness again, even if it means delving into the realms of her personal life, and turning it upside-down...

Archana Pingley

About the Author:

Archana Pingley is an award winning fiction novelist and a single mother who lives in
Navi Mumbai. She has been awarded for being India’s one of Top 100 Debut authors
and won the title of ‘Author of the year 2019’ in an online literature fest. Her first book
“Poles Apart” was published in 2018 and has won the NE8x LITFEST 2019 title. A Data
Analyst for a Machine Manufacturing company, she also writes blog on life lesson and
enjoys reading her favorite authors. When she is not working or writing, Archana enjoys
listening to music, spending quality time with her son and friends, and eating