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Genre : Romance
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A Voyage of Love

Book Blurb:

She has caged her heart and his heart beats for her. Who will win over whom? How many attempts will u make to prove your love? What if all the attempt turn into a wild goose chase How many hurdles can you cross to finally reach to your love destination? What if a new hurdle is waiting just a moment ahead, you just surpassed the previous one. Closing all the heart chambers and making it love resistant, often makes the life flat and dull, bury your head, heart and soul into a person who loves you and makes an effort to maintain it as the story also says the same. Want to experience love, anger, tears, happiness, determination, isolation, pain, friendship and an ultimate joy at one go? Read a heart-wrenching tale of true unshaken love.

Sample Chapters:

It is said that lucky are those who get married to their true love but nobody actually explains what all it takes to be lucky in love. My love's parents have lingered on the marriage alliance talk. I have been waiting for 8 years and it feels like hell to wait anymore. Don't know will luck favour me or not! Sometimes we become so engrossed in our own preoccupied mind that we become so rigid about our sentiments and feelings that we cage our own self and doesn't allow yourself to wing out. We often neglect and stick to our ignorant self and push all the positive and true things which come across. I am tensed, restless, wondering what will be the next event which is ready to emerge in upfront. My mind, heart, my all is waiting is waiting like hell to hear a call from my "Maybe in-laws" in positive. Now when I have accepted his love from all my heart. I want everyone to accept it. I want the whole world and each bit to accept it. My heart sang and sank the next moment when I realized and remembered about the uncertainty of the situation. As the adage remarks " Never belittle love " and it acts profoundly and accurately when in the world true love unbox itself, but due to excessive drilling and conditioning takes place in middle class Indian families regardless of the adage we keep on underrating the love when it welcomes us with a wide open arms and that's the same exactly I performed in my life. I underrated love and now I am paying in terms of the rage, tension, restlessness, doubt, panic and uncut wait, which seems as long as decades, century and millennium. I frown at my oneself for being so tough at my heart and training my mind to be as hard as rock so that no splash of love could push it away but was unaware of the fact that in spite of being as hard as rock I was getting touched by love's splash which was soothing the rock me. Why do we boast of hating someone so proudly and accept love timidly? Every part of mine was scolding me for being so. Getting marrying to one who loves you is the richest blessing that I can be bestowed with. Smile if you are lucky enough!

We don't support dowry system."
Neither we give, nor we accept, said my mother to Garvit's parents.
My whole family supported my mother in unison.
Where in the world this hell dowry came up now? Can dowry be as powerful as true love to keep a happy couple go on? This endowment has killed many souls, dreams and happiness. I felt shaken up by these words, eventually hated it all by my heart. I bend my head down with all the blood rushing to my face turning it into the red; I felt the warmth. Why did they demand Dowry? I kept my thinking mode on but can do nothing at it. Will this dowry will kill my happiness too? Will it uproot my new dreamland which has just started building up? I can't take it and cannot let this happen.
Garvit was also there during marriage alliance talk, a bit hesitant and lots of nervousness was oozing out from his face. Maybe he was too feeling in the same way as I did. He was cussing dowry system too. I wish by cussing merely, we could eradicate such a sin from our society.
"We have our customs, rules, traditions what about all those? Garvit's mother announced little offended.
My heart starts beating fast with increasing temperature of the room, precisely because of strong words of both the families. I felt like the two families have disguised themselves into a rivalry politician party who are attacking each other with their demands and rules.
Garvit gave me a confused look, to find out the solution to the current situation.
"I don't know " I replied through my eyes.
" Do you cook?" Garvit's mother interrogated.
" I.. I... Yes, I can" I was hardly able to speak out.
Is cooking skill is a foremost requirement to qualify a marriage alliance interview, what if I did say 'NO'? What if the only dish I mastered it was " 2 minutes Maggi"? But to be fortunate, I was capable of more than that. 2 minutes silence for those girls who cannot exist because than the Indian society will not nominate even as good bahu. Being awarded is a dream.
"Naina! Go and bring tea and pakoras and serve them.
My father's words broke my chain of thoughts.
As I stood up, I noticed Garvit was gazing me. I shifted my eyes at once, as it will become an unacceptable behaviour if a girl gazes a boy back at her marriage alliance talk. Although I wanted to stare him like my property I couldn't. I looked blank at him.
I rushed towards the kitchen and brought the tray of tea and pakoras.
I served them golden brown pakoras, it was tempting, and anyhow I stopped myself. I wanted to relish those pakoras, but a good bahu makes you eat but doesn't eat. Garvit's mother looked at me as she munched on it.
"So will you not fulfil any of our demands? Garvit's mother questioned.
Demands?? As in?? Papa interrupted
Cash? He further added
I gave a fierce look to Garvit. I wanted to run away somewhere, not knowing what will happen? I closed my eyes, bit my lips to control my overflowing emotions. What is scrap it is I thought to myself? My outer self-was calm but it was all hustle and bustle inside me which was promoting me to burst, but I don't know where I got so much of patience to control myself.
" Whatever I don't want to be a part of this mess" I murmured to myself
"In Kashmiri's, we don't support dowry at all, so we will not give any cash" Maa informed.
" But what about other commodities and jewels, that will be your daughter's 'Kanyadhan'only! " Garvit's mother defended.
" Behen ji we will provide to our daughter the best we could" My man handled the situation.
"My head is aching " I whispered to myself.
Garvit was sitting calmly, but flooded with tension actually; I can feel it.
It's mandatory to mask yourself, with all the attributes of being so kind and tolerate all the nonsense at your wedding talk being a girl.
"OK! We will think about it and give the answer on call now" Garvit's mother said it is about to leave gesture.
My heart thundered, will it be in pause mode again? Will again the whole process has to repeat? Why answer on call? What not now? I kept questioning in my mind and watching out.
"Behen ji" We will try our best to meet up your expectations " My father insisted.
I don't know, but I hated those sentence in almost pleading tone. I don't know when this system of dowry will entirely disappear so that marriages turn out better the best bliss for both the side without any grudges in either of the side.
They stood up and said Namaste to each other. And they left.
Why did you leave like this Garvit? You should have finalised it when it was almost there? I threw all the arrows of fault at Garvit, without even realising what he was up to and declared him the main culprit in the court of my mind.
My mother grew pale in tension, but she couldn't speak anything.
"Maa! I said.
She didn't answer.
She picked up the extra plates of half-eaten pakoras and went to the kitchen.
"Maa" I tried to talk.
She began doing the household work and remained quiet. She looked at me from the corner of her eyes. It was cold
I felt helpless and angry at the same time. I thrashed myself for my stubbornness. Sometimes you have lots of stuffs to speak but you chose to chain it up rather because you feel tired to express even. I was feeling the same. I did not want anything. I did not want to defend myself or my choice. I felt out of power to stand anymore for the sake of love, marriage or anything. I dropped the whole idea then.
I rushed towards my room, not caring about the post discussion with my family.
I pushed the door open carelessly.
"Where is my phone? " I looked around
It was on charging; I dragged out the phone from the charger without caring about "Mobile's life and maintenance "
I swiped to my WhatsApp screen, typed a message to Garvit.
" Why your parents delayed the matter when it was all set?"
" What's the problem ?"
I was freaking out at that moment.
My temper was rising with every single passing by. My dreamland has been crushed. My eyes grew red, and stomach started growling. I can feel the pressure on my head as if someone is hitting me hard. I was losing my calm.
" Hey Shona! I know it was not what it supposed to be. Have patience " His reply came
Patience! What kind of patience? Does he want me to wait forever or what? Already it seemed like years and years. Now, what will I explain to my parents?
" Your parents were not in favour of our marriage " I texted him.
"We waited for ten long years, maybe just ten days more for the final talk" His message gave me relief
I put off the mobile data, kept mobile aside and lied down and relaxed. His words worked like medicine which delivered peace to me. Stay positive! I patted my forehead and closed my eyes.
And went into the flashback!!

Eight years ago (2010) NIIT group Lucknow
"I welcome you all, the new members of our family " Pradeep sir welcomed us in a cheerful tone.
It was white room with around 50 students accommodation capacity. The single-seat chair with side wooden desk occupied the maximum area. White board was fixed on the wall. The classroom had slider door with shining steel handle. I looked around ,only 20 to 25 children were present on very first day. I was sitting on 4 seat of 2nd row quite in front of sir. Beside me 2 girls were there sitting and chattering aloud and giggling. One of the girl out of them was continuously flicking her hair strands away and flaunted perfected pedicured nails with tinted orange nail paint. I was sitting quite like an alien on the new land trying hard to hide my nervousness which painted my face dull.
Pradeep sir started "breaking the ice" session. He was the owner of medium built body, well-combed hair, had round face, medium shiny black eyes. He wore black frameless spectacles. Oh god! The most attractive and sexiest thing I found - A boy with square frame spectacles.
Without exchanging even a word, I started liking him. His appearance at least! I was looking at him unblinkingly unaware of the fact that anybody can notice me too. There were many other guys too, but nobody grabbed my attention so perfectly as he did. He had charismatic personality with the perfect balance of style with appearance. Everything was in a perfect ratio. His perfectly ironed white ceaseless shirt added light to his charm. I was continuously scanning him until he started the introduction session. I have to be focused now I guided myself.
Pradeep sir started taking our introduction and then it was my turn.
" Good morning sir Pradeep...... Sir" I wanted to call Pradeep only.
" I am Naina Kaul
I m graduated in B. Sc, I want to. "
"OK! That's all " said Pradeep sir
I felt annoyed at that moment I gulped my anger
Can a good looking person be this much arrogant? All his charisma faded away, suddenly he became as unattractive as whitewashed washed walls of the class.
He continued with the introduction and me with my angry mood. I chose not to him now. How has he interrupted me in the between with his sharp monotonous voice?
After the introduction session, he only introduced to all the other faculty.
This is Mr Ayush Singh, Mr Keshav Dad, Ms Sherya Tiwari, Ms Radha Ayyar and me. Pradeep Singhal standing in front of you all. He smiled.
They all told about themselves and subject they will be taking.
It was the first day so everyone tried to maintain a rapport with each other but the true me make it tough for myself to get mixed up with everyone easily. I didn't feel anyone taking too sowi enacted like a robot which is enabled with the state set to smile artificially to others if required. Anyhow, I time passed the time got over.


I returned to my hostel room in Lucknow. Lucknow "The city of Nawabs" the capital of Uttar Pradesh. The city filled with the gentry of the classes. Fast and fancy.
It was 2nd day of mine over there. Still, my room and belongings were not arranged. All were scattered like useless times. I found myself too tired to arrange it all by myself. I sat lifeless on a hard bed and thinking hard where to start from?
" I miss you maa" I felt emotional.
This was the first time when I was living without my family. I didn't even do
Simple household chores at home and I felt terribly insane. I felt sick. The room was dark and dull. It would not believe wrong if I say it was just 4 walls trapping me from all the sides into its darkness.
I was alone. I was managing everything single Handed, from pin to plane everything all by myself.
God was not so hard on me, which is why God made me meet two lifelines in Lucknow's unknown and unaware life.
Lavi and Soumya
Lavi is from Ayodhya. She is the medium height girl with round face and dark brown eyes. She is bold and has good fashion sense.
Soumya from Varanasi -the holy city. She is simple, sweet girl has a soft voice. She is a little introvert but good nature human.
They were also the part of my institute in the same batch and they would accompany me out too. I was relaxed and glad
Instead of one, now we were 3, we grew a great bonding very less time may become because we were only supporting each other on an unknown land. We divided our work duties alternatively for cooking, cleaning and other activities. We did follow the pre-planned duty schedule to avoid any kind of clash and argument. I can't tolerate, actually we three can't tolerate it and we acted accordingly to ensure it.
Lavi, Soumya and I became a companion for 24 hours, as they were also batch mates, we shared our life from stuff to secrets we started sharing and when we do live with someone got 24*7 we ourselves feel uneasy to hide anything because there is no space for that actually in tiny four chambers. Because of these two girls, my life had become easier and happier over there. I started managing myself properly, Lavi helped a lot in doing so and Soumya was a great support. I learnt few cooking tips, cleaning tips from them and taught them too which I have seen my mother doing so. Actually being out without maa forced me to tackle myself and so to everyone.
It is truly a blessing if your companion is enough good to understand that what you are good and pathetic at. We three were extensively blessed to have each other. Insane blessing!
We three starting assisting each other like sisters for life.
I was still new outside my home Without man and was easily prone to some or other health issues. One day in the beginning days in Lucknow I fell sick and that night I vomited continuously like hell. Away from home this two girl became my family and did not make me feel even odd. Lavi did clean all the mess which I created. She cleaned the flood of vomiting which spilt all around. I was out of energy so Soumya helped me in managing myself. I clean myself and changed my clothes. I lied down on the hard bed and looked at the ceiling with a fixed sight. After an hour Lavi made a bowl of moong dal and I sipped it gratefully. Although I was somewhat away from home still that day I did not feel so. They were like my mother. They took proper care of mine and made me feel at home.
A home without a home.

Short Synopsis:

Hello! I am Naina! Everyone has their own meaning of love,and consider different things as the precious epitome of love. What could it be? - A solitaire ring, a fine dine, a well furnished expensive house, a heartfelt date or ultimately - marriage. Well, I m getting married and my love is ready to change his surname for my folks and my happiness.

Apoorva Sahu

About the Author:

Apoorva Sahu lives in Faizabad ( U.P.) . She is a teacher by profession at one of school recognized by Ashoka Change maker organization is, Jingle Bell School from last three years and a writer choice and passion. She completed her schooling from Canossa Convent Girls Inter College Faizabad and Graduation from K.S Saket P.G. college. Her articles has been also appeared in local newspaper. She runs her own blog and owns a Facebook page with the name 'Pen my feelings'. Her areas of interest are reading, poetry and writing.She likes to spend time with close circle of friends with her favourite people. She always desire to win the heart of everyone through her writing and books. It is her first attempt in writing a book.