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GAMBLER: Life Goes On

Book Blurb:

Venice most interesting city of northeastern Italy where a Boy Gambler lives. His habit of gambling,
made him leave his mother and had to struggle hurdles to find a solution, how life goes on?
He encountered the truth of how life goes on when he meets the priest. When Gambler returned, he
was a transformed person with a loyal heart. He started making the best of each moment.
His life takes a new turn when he is accompanied by three interesting extraordinary characters.
Gambler plays an important role in helping his three new friends. He proved himself a good master,
good son, a good friend but despite this, he is cheated by his own wife.
The story weave fantasy, thrill, love. The way it is plotted is all that a child mind could imagine.
The plotting of each chapter will take the reader to a world of fantasy but it will end up adding morals
and values within readers.

Sample Chapters:

Venice, Italy’s most interesting city. World-famous, it seemed like a
magical city, floating...a beautiful word for is Venice. It has
more than 270.000 inhabitants. Among these millions hidden lighters,
there lived a boy named Gambler along with his old mother. A grown-up boy but still not engaged to work. The reason, his habit of gambling,
alike his name. He wished to be a good son but he couldn’t. Slowly
when things started getting worse, he decided to go to that priest
who lived at the top of the mountains. Till now, nobody had dared to
go there and find out that priest. It was claimed by ancestors that it
will take around a hundred days to go there. Gambler himself was not
sure about it but his will made him strong enough to face every
Thinking, only the priest could show him the right path, to get rid of
this problem, he firmly sticks to his word.
Before leaving he said to his mother, “I will return with a solution “.
Hearing to this, mother went inside the room and brought a small
rolled paper tied at mid with a thread and asked him to hand over this to the priest. When Gambler raised his hands for it, he realized, the mother
is sick. Gambler now at trouble.....whether to stay there at home and
take care of his mother or he leaves.... Mother looked at him and
said...... to take care of yourself. He responds to this with a forehead kiss
and warm smile for before he leave, he knew well only the priest could
save him and his mother.
Gambler walked day and night continuously, he crossed the river,
jumped over the big stones, finally, after, ten days of his constant
walk he decided to take a nap. But his short nap turned into a deep
sleep. When he woke up he saw a priest in front of him. He stood up
and went to the priest. Gambler, “are you the same priest I am
searching for? ". Priest, “probably! It is ...waited so long for you to
come here..., thousand years ago...when, I came here in search of
goddesses of mountains, to know the truth behind living....I
meditated for hundred years and after hundred years goddesses of
mountains came and she told that I am immortal and nobody could
see me. I pleaded to her to give my life back so that I could go back
to my six-year-old daughter but all she could give was an annoying
silence. When I asked her about my answer, she asked me to wait
until a human come in search of me. She asked me to show you the
right path and then she will give me my answer”.
Gambler," yes, priest...I so want to get rid of gambling but ...” Priest,
" I know well what you have lost, it is your problem and I will not
help you for that.. ". Gambler, “but goddesses of mountains asked
you to help me ". Priest, “I doubt, I waited for so long for my answer
but she always denied to answer my question, I reach immortality,
still she asked me to wait..!! What if, I show you the right path and she never comes to me....? ". Gambler, "you waited for so long just to
know the truth behind living ...I can give you a simple answer to this
but you need to help me”. Priest, "I meditated for so long just to get
the answer from a fool like you." Gambler, "you called yourself a
priest but you not only lost beautiful countless moments which you
could have made with your daughter and lost your precious life for
such a silly is love which keeps this world exist...". Priest,
" why are you giving your answer to me, I am not interested...if you
had used your mind you had not left your mother in her moment last.
If you had chosen love for your mother in place of gambling....then
things would have been different." Both Priest and Gambler thought
for a while. Gambler took out the thing which his mother gave him
for the priest. The priest opened and read, "My dear has lost his path.
I know him well, he will not see the things that I want him to see
unless he meets you. Send him safe, I got very less time”. In
meantime goddesses of earth appeared and said," my child, both of
your solution is realization, time that waits for none, which makes
the world go on. Priest, each and every time you seek out for your
answer you missed each little moments of your life.
I sent livings for they should make the best of each second. They
should live as if they are to die tomorrow and learn every lesson of
their life as if they had to live forever, as time passes by, all they had
to do is to pass their lessons to the one whom they love and teach
them life must go on. My is not precious unless livings
filled it with all their good deeds. ... .Gambler, you in search of that
answer which was with you itself not only left your sick mother but
you have missed that moment which you could have made the most
beautiful before she leaves. You both could have made extreme of your life if once you had to ask yourself the answer". Then she
disappeared. Now the priest could see his life throughout, he again
looked at that paper which Gambler\'s mother gave...he went near
the Gambler and said " I have lost my everything but I don\'t want you
to go through the same thing. Don\'t waste time, just go to your
mother and treat her with all the goods you could. Prove yourself that
you are a good son of your mother. Go, my blessings are with you".
And he disappeared. Gambler went to her mother there he saw her
lying at the bed. Gambler became sad but his love for her mother
overpowered every little obstacle which came to him. He gave his
mother the medicines but fever went on increasing. His mother asks
him to sit beside her, she space, ‘Gambler you are my only son and me
always tried to give all I could, always remember everything has its
bright and the dark side, promise me that you will always go for the
bright side, most importantly never let anyone else down in front of
you, don’t ever misrepresent yourselves\'\'.
Gambler, ‘Mother, you are sick take rest, why are you saying all this
stuff to me”. Mother, ’son, this may be the last day of mine because
medicines work no more in my body\'\'. Gambler caught her hand, he
realized, mother never sounds that sweet, with tears in his eyes he
said, \'\' mother, please, I promise I will leave all my bad habits .you
remembered when I was at six we used to play lot of exciting games.
Today we will do the same, day after day the more you get well the
less I will be gambling and the day when you\'ll become completely
fine will be the end of my gambling. I.....promise.........!!! The next day
gambler found his mother recovering. The next day she recovers more
and the next day she was totally fine. All the day when she was
recovering more
And more gambler left gambling and the day when she completely
recovered, Gambler completely left gambling. It was hard for them
to believe the change that really had entered their life. Out of
happiness Gambler burst and space, \'\' mother, the word \'\'love\'\' is
amazing and it worked only when we value the time... With god
grace, we are so well today. His mother," for me those medicines
didn\'t work, your love brought me to life and...I am so happy for
you. Today what you have done for me and for yourself is in itself a
great job!!!
And life goes on….

Short Synopsis:

Rita Chhetri

About the Author:

Rita Chhetri was born on 1 January 1998, grew up in Vijoynagar circle, Changlang, Arunachal Pradesh.
Currently, she is pursuing post-graduation in physics from Arunachal University of studies, Namsai ,
Arunachal Pradesh. She earned her bachelor degree in physics honour from Handique Girl’s College,
Being born in a military family she had to travel different location and adjust with her studies.
As a child she was a bubbly girl, as a young member of the family she was loved and would entertain every
one in the family.
This little girl who dearly loves animals and would not hesitate to care for them started her writing
journey at the early age of thirteen. She enjoys expressing herself through many different creative mediums
including writing, sketching, Oil painting and dance. She was fond of reading novels and she has spent
many hours crying over fictional deaths and was inspired to write a fiction story.
“Gambler:life goes on” is her first English fiction novel.