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A long time ago...


He had imprisoned them in the caverns of Mt. Hemil. 


They who ravaged the city of Kushlam...the golden capital...


The Gods spoke of a Prophecy then...


And now it has come to pass. 


The dark enemy of yore rises. Only an incarnation of Lord Vishnu has the power to defeat and destroy the enemy of Kushlam. A farmer from Bamiyan, unaware of what destiny has in store for him, is pushed into circumstances beyond his control. Will he accept that he is the prophesised Avatar? Will he save Kushlam from its enemies and free the world from the fear of the trapped monsters who have found a way out of their infallible trap?




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Short Synopsis:

In a tale of adventure, fantasy, and warfare, a prophecy takes on an ancient enemy that strives to destroy all of mankind. More than a thousand years ago, a dark enemy had been imprisoned in the caves of Mount Hemil after the human community of Kushlam had come close to destruction. Trapped in the caverns, the enemy waited for the right time to spring back into the world of the living and built their armies in secret. They were Hajud-Mhajud, the leaders of the dwarves.

Knowing that the descendants of the blacksmith who had succeeded in trapping them would be in danger, the then Mahant had sent his family to a far-off country. They grew up among the Hubals of Bamiyan, who conducted trade in spices.

The tale comes to the present day when the prophecy has come close to its enactment. It has been told that only an incarnation of the Lord Vishnu would have the power to defeat and destroy the dark enemy of old. The incarnation’s business has remained until this day unfinished and the prophecy draws Rabhu, a man unknown to his destiny, close to Kushlam as he and his four other companions journey under harsh weather on the passes of Mount Hemil.

Rabhu falls down the dark deep valley, leaving his merchant companions, and is found unconscious on the edges of a golden pond, which is said to be impervious and protected by a golden shield. Surprise and curiosity take over the priests of Vishnu even as the present day Mahant wakes up from his self-imposed Samadhi. As Mahant works towards healing Rabhu from the ordeals of his venture into the Golden Pond, he also convinces the King and his royal family of his intent to proclaim Rabhu as the Avatar “Adhaata” even with a distrustful Erbir, the commander-in-chief of Kushlam’s army, trying to prove Mahant false.

Meanwhile, Rabhu’s companions arrive at Kushlam and come across the fact that Rabhu could be this Avatar that Mahant has proclaimed. Due to Gopall’s belief that Rabhu is the one they are proclaiming as the incarnation, they break into the palace where Gopall is separated from the rest. Adventures later, Gopall finds himself hiding in Rabhu’s room where Rabhu is riddled with dreams and prophetic visions.

Unable to trust that Rabhu is the Avatar, Erbir forces him to go back to the Golden Pond and test whether he truly is the incarnation, which Rabhu succeeds in doing.

Now that the Avatar had come, the enemy awakens in the mountains and send in the Ori army to lay siege to Kushlam. Mahant, Erbir, Gopall, and Rabhu defend the walls, using the enemy’s own foolishness against them. Trickery and many small battles later, having sent the rest of Kushlam towards Koram, the four of them succeed in winning against the Ori army.
Their commander, Nazrug, then lets out a huge shout, which leads the enemy they long awaited in fear, march out with a superior immortal dwarf army called the Azmo. To defeat them, Rabhu must seek out the Asao sword, to which his fate is bound. The Asao sword is in a cave in Mount Hemil. While Hajud Mhajud’s army encircles the army of Kushlam, Rabhu seeks the Asao sword thanks to an ultimate sacrifice. When the sword finally becomes his, a dragon takes him towards the final battle with the Hajud-Mhajud. With Rabhu’s return, Kushlam’s army regains their motivation and repels the Azmo army, killing their enemy once and for all. With that the five Hubals are again reunited in peace.


About the Author:

Afroz Alam, a Mumbai resident, was born and brought up in Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh. He has studied commerce from Aligarh Muslim University and done his masters in Finance. He indulged in Urdu poetry and literature at a very young age which influenced him to become a lyricist and a writer. He worked as a stock sub-broker, and wealth manager and now works in a production house in Mumbai, working for Hindi and regional film industries.