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Genre : Drama
Pages : 230

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New Delhi. September 1975.
Diya Nair is eighteen, a diligent student, hopelessly in love with Aditya. Married against her
wishes to Rajagopal, ten years older than her, Diya is exposed to an orthodox family where they
follow archaic customs that are alien to her modern upbringing.

Despite this, Diya adjusts to her life in Rajagopal\'s ancestral house, winning his family over and
even changing some of their regressive practices. But she is not able to understand Rajagopal.
She gives her all to the marriage, and is blessed with two wonderful kids who become her world.
Only Rajagopal\'s erratic, abusive behaviour is a constricting thorn in her side. He continues to
break her spirit.

Her thoughts keep returning to Aditya and the mango sapling they had planted together as proof
of their love. Eating the fruits of the tree together seems a distant dream, an impossibility. Made
resilient by repeated tribulations, will Diya overcome her biggest problems and find peace? Will
Aditya and Diya ever reunite? Will Rajagopal mend his ways? Will her confidence help her find
the balance in turmoil? And will life come a full circle for Diya under the very mango tree she
had planted?

To know more, undertake this nostalgic trip with true incidents, happenings and emotions
interspersed with a dosage of fiction.

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Bina Pillai

About the Author:

Bina Pillai, an alumini of Lady Shri Ram college, New-Delhi was the PA to the
Managing director of a well- known company, Costing and Planning executive,
and former Manager of a reputed Travel company.

The chief coordinator and member of jury for “Panorama of Poetry.” Presently
Administrator and Member of jury at the Asian Literary Society, an award winning
poet and author and crusader for social causes.

She has been the Citizen Journalist in CNNIBN to create awareness for lack of
schools for Dyslexic children.
A popular librarian for few years in BPCL Housing society.
Managing Committee member for eight years.

Her poems and short stories have been selected for many Anthologies.
Her poetry book “Lyrical Rhythms of My Heart,” has received a 4 star rating by

Passionate about photography, cooking, painting, event management and