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Genre : Drama
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Kavita Bhardwaj is an 18-year-old IIT aspirant and a school topper, who backs out from the exam at the last moment and takes the drastic step of not going to college, leaving everyone around her feeling disappointed. In the middle of all the protests and fighting with the parents she figures out that she has PCOD, a condition not very serious, but makes her feel frustrated with all it’s symptoms. The illness makes her moods erratic and behaviour annoying so much so that she blames all her life decisions on this one disorder.

But with all her behaviour and her circumstances, Kavita only feels one constant emotion and that is guilt. She feels guilty for not being normal, for being short-tempered, for letting her parents down by not even sitting for the exam and later when she has a start-up job, and comes close to realising her the work that gives her happiness and finding the guy who makes her feel loved, she feels guilty for it too. She in short feels guilty for her life, a life that her older brother Siddharth had lost six years ago.

Will she be able to allow life in all its shades, to give her happiness, when even the feeling of sadness has eluded her? Can one sail through life by being so careful and not feeling too much at all?


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Niyaatii Swami

About the Author:

26-year-old, Niyaatii is a full-time marketer and a former researcher. She is currently working at a Gurgaon-based MNC.
Niyaatii has a Bachelors in Economics from Ramjas College, DU and holds a Research Masters in Development Studies from Ambedkar University, Delhi. As a researcher, she has traveled all over India for field works and her experiences have contributed to her understanding of people from all backgrounds.

Her very long, 8-pointer and not-so-helpful thesis (which can be found in the library of AUD, if at all someone wants to read) inspired her to opt out of the research world and take a jab at traditional publishing through which her observations of the world can be read by more people.

She is a voracious reader of psychology, political economy, spirituality, and modern classic fiction. She is fixated with yoga and swears by its benefits especially after her PCOD symptoms were cured.