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Pradeep is a twenty-six-year-old bachelor who lives in Bangalore with his parents and a younger
brother. He is a Mechanical Engineer by education and works with his father on their family
business, a manufacturing industry based in Bangalore.
He is very passionate about the art of story- telling, be it in the form of books, films or plays.
He is an avid reader, a film fanatic and loves music.
His creative mind, his zeal towards the art of story-telling and his persistent efforts over two
years have led to this enticing work of his.


THORNS BENEATH PETALS: A Detective Shankar Series

Book Blurb:

Kavya, a beautiful, twenty three year old girl returns home two months after her marriage to customarily spend autumn with her parents. After a week, she is found hanging from the ceiling fan in her bedroom. A note she leaves speaks of the agony she endured before she took the ultimate step.
When blamed for her suicide, her husband Kishore is left disturbed and claims to be innocent.  
After her cremation, Mahesh, Kavya\'s cousin, finds something shocking on her phone. Now everything\'s changed. 
While sinking in a well of commotion, Mahesh calls upon his cousin, Shankar, a young aspiring detective and the protagonist of the plot to his rescue. 
Their pursuit of truth behind Kavya\'s death sets them on an enthralling roller coaster ride.
Can Kishore be trusted ? 
Will Shankar be able to unravel the mystery behind Kavya’s death?    
A gripping narration with unanticipated twists and turns await the readers. Unimaginable revelations in the story will leave the readers thrilled and overwhelmed.

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Pradeep Vijay Kumar

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