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What if there were no feelings?

No heartbreaks and no worries.

Would we be happy it ended?

Or just sad that we are happy?

If there was no time to be sad?

And only true love all around.

Then how would we know it’s there,

when we’ve lost our feelings profound?
















18 April 2016

‘I thought Kabir was just a friend,’ I said.

‘I don’t know what to say,’ Ruhani said.

‘But… But why did you even tell me?’

‘Because you are my…’

‘Best friend?’

Ruhani put her head down, fidgeting left and right.

‘Kabir is my best friend,’ she murmured.

‘Isn’t he the boyfriend now?’

‘I don’t love him,’ she scoffed.

‘So, who am I?’

*Ring Ring Ring*

It has been seven days since Ruhani dropped the bomb on me and the only thing that my heart has been demanding is an explanation. Today, I was hoping to get that, that is, until the phone call interrupted us.

Ruhani glanced at the screen and immediately signaled at me to stay mum. Naturally, I was curious, so, I peeked at her cell phone. It was Kabir.

‘I told you na that I’ll go out with Natasha,’ Ruhani continued, ‘Yes, she is with me, where else would she be?’

Hearing the name Natasha had caught me by surprise. I wanted to interrupt Ruhani right at that moment, but I, also, didn’t want any complications. So, I waited for her to hang up.

‘Apparently, I am Natasha,’ I said, staring right at her.

She began to giggle.

‘I can’t tell him that I went out with a guy,’ she continued, ‘He’ll go mad with jealousy.’

‘So, the kiss! Why?’

‘What do I say… It was a spur-of-the-moment thing,’ she continued, ‘He suddenly leaned on me, his hands were around my waist, and the next thing you know, we were kissing.’

The struggle was real, it wasn't easy to hide my feelings, and the pain in my heart was tearing me apart. You see, it was not the first time Ruhani had done something stupid, she had darker pasts, and I knew about almost all of them, but knowing is one thing and coping with it, another. It was only her trust in me that kept me going all this while, but the baggage of feelings was getting heavier with each morning wake-up call and those never-ending good nights.

Yes, Ruhani and I were human alarm clocks and every single day, we used to wake each other up. Some might say it's cheesy, some might call it love, but for us, it was something that just happened one day and we liked it so much, that we decided to continue it.

So, in the morning, when Ruhani said that she was in the mood for drinks, I absolutely had to meet her. I knew, looking at her face, those lips that had savored the taste of another man, it was going to be tough, but surprisingly, I didn’t break.

‘It was your first kiss! It should have meant something,’ I scoffed.

‘He loves me, right? It must have meant something to him,’ she said.

‘And you’re okay with that?’

‘I had been wanting to try it for so long… I couldn’t control myself once he made the move,’ she whined.

And somewhere in a perfect world, integrity died a slow painful death. I paused for a second, trying to make peace with what she had just said when something hit me.



‘You said, you don’t tell Kabir when you go out with guys.’


‘But I am the only guy other than him that you go out with, right?’

She nodded.

‘And you tell me everything?’

Ruhani’s eyes turned wide. She nodded again, but I wasn't satisfied.

‘Are you sure?’ I asked.

‘Remember, that day I told you I was going to meet my school friend,’ she continued,



I thought about it. It was four days back. You see, we had this habit of asking each other what our plans for the day were because we liked to listen and talk about the things we were going to do. Ruhani was going to visit a friend of hers. She said that she was going for the first time and was having difficulty in finding the place. I naturally got worried and told her to text me once she reached. Later that day, when I had asked her what did they do, she was like, ‘We just sat and had a chat.’


‘I lied. I went to Kabir's place.’

I was awestruck! Of all the things I hated, being lied upon was something, I hated the most.

Not sure what else to ask, ‘So, again kissing, eh?’ I joked.

‘Yes,’ she said.

And right at that instant, I felt my heart crying, once again.

By this time, the Uber, in which we were traveling, had driven way past our destination and that was it, I beautifully channeled all my anger at the cab driver.

‘Why did your mood go off now?’ Ruhani asked.

I had no reply. For this wasn’t seven days ago and we weren’t talking on WhatsApp, where I could fake my emotions, all over again.

We walked a long silent walk to the bar.

‘Hey! I have something for you!’ Ruhani exclaimed, taking out a neatly wrapped gift from her handbag.

‘There’s a window to the left, but it’s closed, probably to ward off any prying eyes from the neighborhood. The washroom, which is just beside the window, appears to have been recently used. The television is on, but it’s on mute. And finally, in the center of everything, is the sofa, where Ruhani and Kabir are sitting, with their lips locked together, hands all over each other’s body. In between all the kissing and the heavy breathing, Ruhani murmurs something and then starts rubbing her belly. It wasn’t exactly clear but it seemed like, Ruhani was joking about getting preg….’ I thought in my head.

‘Where are you lost?’ Ruhani sighed, waving both her hands at my face.

‘Umm… Sorry, I was thinking,’ I said.

‘About what?’

I noticed that Ruhani had a gift in her hand.

‘Your gift!’ I continued, ‘Kabir gave it to you?’

‘What, no! I just said it’s for you.’


‘Just okay? Where’s my thank you?’ Ruhani frowned.

‘But I haven’t seen the gift yet.’

‘Then open it, na.’

‘Can I open it after I reach home?’

Ruhani took a shot of the vodka and then firmly gripped my hands.

‘Is there something wrong?’ she asked.

‘The cab driver lied.’


‘He said he knew where the bar was.’

‘It’s okay na,’ Ruhani continued, ‘It was just a few meters anyway.’

‘I hate liars.’

‘Wait! Are you pulling some metaphorical shit on me?’

I looked at her and smiled widely.

‘Yaar, I thought you’d think, I have no character, but it's not like that, trust me.’


‘This was the only time I lied, and I tell you everything, don’t I?’

‘I don’t care.’

‘Please! You know how amazing our friendship is, and without you, I am nothing. Will you judge me for just this one mistake?’

I was numb. I meant something to her and that mattered, right? Love is not just about being in a relationship, it's much more than that. What Ruhani and I had was much more than that. And I could not let her go just because she had scars. Instead, I had to heal them. After all, what are friends for? Aren't we all broken from the inside and yet so beautiful? It just takes the right eyes to see it. And in her, I saw that beauty.

I took a long deep breath.

‘I won’t judge you,’ I continued, ‘But you have to promise me something.’

Ruhani’s eyes lit up.

‘I promise,’ she yelled.

‘You'll…. Don’t you want to listen to the promise first?’

‘Oh, yes.’

‘You’ll not lie to me again.’

She smiled and hugged me tightly.

And in her smile, I saw something much more beautiful than the stars. I might have lost in love, but I think, I found a friend for life.


❝ The truth is, everyone is going to hurt you. You just got to find the ones worth suffering for. ❞

- Bob Marley



Short Synopsis:

Love is not just about being in a relationship, it’s much more than that…

What would you do if you were caught up in a love triangle, but without the love? What if this love that you keep seeking, never really left?

Rudra, who thinks that he has started developing feelings for Ruhani, is aghast when she chooses her best friend over him – simply because her best friend is jealous. Set out on a task to bring Ruhani to her senses, he decides to go all in for the only girl in his life.

But, when things go too far, and he finally gets a choice, will Rudra continue to be Ruhani’s savior? Or will he find his own happy ending?

Narrated by Rudra, The Things We Do for Love, first of a two-part romance, dramatizes his quest for companionship. With a foray of jealousy, multiple second chances, and, bad and uninformed choices, this love-story by Raunak Agarwal is as relatable as his poetry.

‘Listen, do not call or text me tomorrow.’
‘Umm… Going to meet him.’
‘Oh! Even I’ll be out with my friends. What if I Snap you by mistake?’
‘I’ll change your name over there.’
‘You’re going to delete all our chats, right?’
‘And all our photos together?’
‘Why am I still talking to you?’
‘I am sorry.’
‘You know, it’s so crazy?’
‘The Things We Do for Love!’

Raunak Agarwal

About the Author:

Raunak Agarwal is a storyteller and poet based in Kolkata, India. One of the most popular bloggers on Instagram with over 50,000 followers, Raunak considers himself as a jack of all trades, who is slowly, but steadily working towards becoming the master of all of them. He is an avid dreamer (quite literally) and he often turns his bizarre dreams into thoughtful and funny short stories. To stay in touch with him, you can follow him on Instagram (@rk_writes95) or visit