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“God hath given you one face, and you make yourself another.”

William Shakespeare. Hamlet.



This is the story of a baiter, a smiling baiter, who by his lies and deceit weaves a tangled web around those who love and trust him. He trifles with their affection and makes them live in their own misery, but they cannot ignore or forget this baiter because he can make them smile even when their eyes are filled with tears.


One after another, the baiter starts to hunt his prey and the powerful royal family, with all its might, is unable to even trace the baiter whose ultimate aim is to grab the royal treasure buried under the palace.


Will the baiter succeed in his deception?


Who is the baiter, the real Smiling Baiter?


Sample Chapters:

It was late one evening and the street was almost empty. A horse drawn carriage was moving very fast in the blinking streetlights. It was racing towards a huge house, at the end of the street, surrounded by a high compound wall. The carriage reached the gate of the house and stopped in front of it. An elderly man ran from inside to open the large iron gates that opened smoothly without a noise and they were closed immediately after the carriage passed through. Seeing the carriage approach, two tall and broad chested guards dressed in thick green uniforms, stationed at the main door, ran towards the cart to open the door as soon as it stopped. A young man climbed down from the carriage and the two guards greeted him with folded hands and took him to the main door of the house. Another couple of similarly dressed guards opened the door and escorted him inside a huge and brightly lit hall. The hall was tastefully decorated with huge paintings, pieces of art and rich furnishings. The doors and windows were adorned with bright and colourful silks and opulent velvets. The hall had the aroma of rose water and sandalwood. Just inside, there were two more attendants dressed in pink. He thought they were two female servants but as he drew closer, he noticed that they were not women, but eunuchs clad in women clothing. These attendants, in pink, also greeted him with a smile and said, “Welcome to the House of Pleasure, sir, please come this way to your apartment.”


The young man raised his right hand in response and followed them silently.

After crossing a few closed rooms on both sides, they led the young man to a dimly lit staircase and took him upstairs. On reaching the first floor, they turned right, walked a little further and stood before a closed room where two more similarly dressed female attendants were standing on either sides of the door.

“Sir, this is your apartment,” said one of them and the other opened the door for the young man.

He stepped inside the room, followed by an attendant, and stood at the centre of the room. The other three attendants waited outside.


It was a large and heavily decorated room, just like the hall downstairs, and was filled with the aroma of sandalwood. Colourful paintings of beautiful ladies; mostly half naked, were hanging at the walls. A huge sofa set with a central table and a couple of well-crafted wooden chairs were placed at the right side corner. A large bed with white bedspread and numerous soft pillows were placed at the far end of the room.  There was a lone but very large window at the head of the bed. A high curtain was hiding the bed from the room but the curtains were not drawn at that moment. He noticed another closed door at the left corner of the room, next to the curtain.

“Sir, it is your bathroom,” said the attendant, as though reading the young man’s mind as she quickly reached the door and opened it. It was a neat and large bathroom. There was a small table and a full size mirror next to the door. Some fresh towels and a couple of nightdresses were hanging in the open wardrobe, next to the mirror. Varieties of perfume and essential oil bottles were neatly placed on the table.

“Sir, two beautiful, expert girls in body massaging are at your call to assist you with your bath,” the attendant informed him.

He nodded and looked around. The attendant went near the table and opened a cupboard that had a dozen very expensive bottles of wine and liquor on the upper shelf and glasses of different sizes and shapes on the shelf below.

“Sir, our madam has arranged these for your service. Another two girls will be waiting on you to serve them,” she said. The young man simply nodded his head and the servant closed the cupboard silently.

“Send the girls for my massage,” said the man “and you can go now.”

The servant folded her hands in salutation and left the room silently, closing the door behind her.

As he was about to sit on the sofa, he heard a knock at the door.

“Come in,” he said, sitting down.

The door opened again and two young beautiful girls in sheer white and semitransparent clothes entered the room and greeted him with folded hands.

“Prepare my bath,” he ordered, looking at them keenly. Through their dress, he could see the curve and contour of their bodies.

One of them immediately went inside the bathroom and he heard the water flowing into the tub. The other girl went to him and dragged a chair near him. The man lifted his head and looked at her.

“Please place your feet on it, sir.” Without a word, he did so.

She bent down calmly and started to remove his shoes and socks. The other girl also joined her and both together removed his clothes and had him wrap a large white towel around his waist.

“Would you prefer a body massage, sir?” One of the girls asked.

“We are the best in this art,” another girl added.

“Yes, let me feel your expertise,” he said “and before that, get me a glass of your finest wine”.

One of the girls went to the cupboard and carefully selected two wine bottles and a glass. She walked back quickly and placed them in front of him.

“Sir, which one would you prefer?” She asked.

He glanced at the bottles and said, “Don’t you have Le Romanee – Conti and La Tache?”

“Yes, sir,” she replied and went back and brought them both. “Which one, sir? She asked.

“Both, one after another,”  he said and squeezed her breast lightly.

With a smile, she moved a bit closer to him and quickly opened a bottle like an expert, poured it in the glass and placed it in front of him. He held the glass and looked at it for a moment. Then, he placed his free hand on her breasts, squeezed it lightly and took a large sip.

The girls giggled and had him sit on the wooden chair, applied some perfumed oil and started massaging. He started playing with their curves and contours, shapes and slopes, heights and depths. By the time the massaging was done, he had emptied the wine bottle and stood naked with an erection.

“I agree; you both are experts,” he said with half closed eyes. “Let me have my bath now.”

“Thank you, sir,” they both said as they led him to the bathroom filled with the sweet fragrance of Histories de Perfumes by Marquis de Sade. He took a deep breath before settling into the tub filled with that warm scented water and about half an hour later, they came out of the bathroom. The girls dried his body with fresh towels and changed him into his white nightdress and left the room when he waved his hand.


At last he was alone and eagerly waiting for his young, innocent and beautiful prey in the dim lit room. He was waiting for her desperately. He had looked at his watch about hundred times in the last fifteen minutes. “She was to be here by this time,” he said to himself. “Why is she not coming? When he enquired about the delay, the attendant informed him that she was getting ready for him and would arrive at any moment”.

It brought a smile to his lips when he recalled how Rima, Leila’s elder sister, had reacted on opening the bag which he had offered in exchange for her younger sister. She never expected the bag to contain rare diamonds, rubies and sapphires.  Each stone was worth a fortune. Rima was speechless for a moment after seeing the gems but recovered quickly. She looked at him as though she was looking at a fool or a mentally impaired man for offering such valuable stones for her sister, Leila, who was just an ordinary dancer. Of course, her younger sister, Leila, was not only beautiful and a good dancer, but also a virgin. The treasure the young man offered to get her was enormous and unimaginable. He noticed the greed on her face as she agreed instantly and without a word, she had agreed to exchange her younger sister, Leila, for the bounty. He knew that he had purchased not one, but both sisters with his money.



Rima was a dancer at the royal court. Her duty was to entertain the royal family, their guests and other wealthy and noble men in the society. Her mother was also a dancer and her whole family was either a dancer or a singer, as was the tradition. Due to the royal patronage, she was rich yet greedy. Leila was the younger sister of Rima, and Anurag had heard that she was a beautiful girl but had never seen her before. Now, he was going to meet her as he had purchased her for his own use. Poor girl, she didn’t know why he had spent so much for her and her elder sister thought he was a fool.

“Let her think so.” The thought made him smile.

Anurag heard a knock on the door and saw Rima entering the room followed by another girl.

She greeted him with folded hands and said, “Sorry for the delay, sir.”

“It is ok.” He had no interest in her greetings, but only in the girl standing behind her.

“This is a special day in my sister’s life,” she said “and I hope she will make you happy and comfortable for she is yours now.”

He was still looking at Leila who was standing behind her elder sister. Rima embraced her sister lightly, kissed her forehead and said, “From now on, he is your master and you must serve him well. Please your master with your beauty and charm and he will make your life happy and comfortable.” Rima took her sister’s hand and gently pushed her towards him and said with a smile on her face, “She is yours, sir. Own her.”

Silently, Rima took a step backwards and left the room, closing the door behind her.  Leila stood there with her head bent low, very low.  She found she was clutching her hands and her heart was racing so much that her blood was pounding in her ears. She was conscious of him watching her, so she kept her face calm. She expected him to come near but he did not move an inch from where he was sitting. She waited for a couple of minutes but nothing happened. Then, she slowly lifted her head and looked at the man in front of her. She saw him smiling at her but she sensed the formidable personality behind the smile and a shiver ran through her body. She bent her head down immediately and glanced at the silver plate she was carrying. 

His first thought was one of surprise when he saw her closely. She must be sixteen or seventeen at the most and much younger than her elder sister. She was dressed in a white silk sari and carrying a small silver plate with fruits, sweets and flowers. Her face was perfect with a beautifully arched nose, high cheekbones and rich lips curved into a small smile. Her thick black hair was loosely tied and fell slightly past her buttocks. But it was her large, blue eyes that truly struck him. She was very nervous, which he could tell by the way she was standing before him. When he looked at her again, he felt a kind of tightness come into his gut but none of it showed on his face. He had always believed that the mind ruled over the body but he now realized it was not always so.

He slowly rose to his feet and walked to her without uttering a word. He stood in front of her for a moment but there was no response; she only lowered her head silently. Without a word, he took the plate from her hands and placed it on the table. She still hadn’t moved from her place. Suddenly, he lowered his head and touched her neck with his lips. She felt his moustache prickling her smooth skin and with a giggle she lifted her hand to rub there. Yet, she said nothing though the small smile was constant on her face. Slowly, she lifted her head and their gaze met. She lowered her gaze again.

“You are even more sensuous than I had thought.” His voice was very gentle but his gaze was penetrating.

She lifted her eyes and looked at him silently.

“I would have made you my own long ago”, he said with the same gentle voice “if I knew you were this beautiful.”

She maintained her silence.

“Why are you silent? He questioned.

She kept her silence.

“I think, I am in love with you,” he said.

She raised her eyes again slightly and looked at him with questioning eyes. He moved forward and bent to take her lips. Their lips met lightly but she drew her head back.

“What?” He asked with surprise in his eyes.

“You said you love me.” Her voice was low but sweet.


“You know I am not from a respectable family. I am neither rich nor intelligent like you yet…” she stopped mid-way.

“But you are so beautiful,” he said immediately “and that beauty attracted me the most”.

She was silent for a moment. Then, she fixed her eyes on him and replied, “My mother used to say that one should not fall in love with a face, the curves or colour of a body. It is the spirit, heart and character that matter the most along with truth, honesty and faithfulness.”

“I agree, but everybody wants only the other person to be true, honest and faithful and forget that it applies to them too.”

She shifted her gaze from his for a moment as though his words hit her directly. But she again looked at him silently for a long time as though she was studying him.

            “I am what I am,” Anurag said. “You can find a better or worse person than me. But you will never find another like me.” He laughed lightly.

“Yes, it applies to everyone including us,” she replied.

“I agree,” he said continuing the smile “but do you know who I am?”

She nodded her head in the affirmative.

“What do you know about me?” He was still smiling.

“That you are Anurag Sharma, son of Marutinandan Sharma and from a rich family. You work at the palace for the Ma Maharani and she treats you like her son.”

“Good,” he said, “you know the details about me.”

“Everyone here knows about you,” she replied.

“Hmm, I think it is time to talk about you,” Anurag said in a low tone. “Tell me something about yourself.”

She was silent for a moment. Then, she said, “There is not much to tell. I am not from a respectable family like yours. As long as you come to me, I will be yours and the moment you leave, someone else will buy me and use me to satisfy their lust.”

“Don’t be so sad,” he said, “trust me; I will not leave you till your last breath.”

She raised her head silently and looked at his eyes for a moment but said nothing. 

“I really love you, Leila,” he said drawing her towards himself. She gasped at the sudden touch but said nothing. After wrapping her in his arms, he closed his eyes and deeply inhaled the scent of her perfume. It must have been Floris Lilly of the Valley and that wonderful fragrance aroused his senses immediately. He slipped his left hand along her curved back, lifted her long hair and held it to his cheeks. It felt like silk and he rubbed it gently to his face. He felt intoxicated by her smell; the smell of a beautiful young girl. He felt entranced by the smell and his fingers inched farther along the smoothness of her skin a bit deeper and lower around her long shell shaped neck. She did not object but lowered her head shyly. His other hand had already reached under the curve of her breast and was measuring it. He felt it was overflowing his hands.

Looking at her deep and wide eyes, he bent his head and touched her lips. She closed her eyes and her body started to shiver with excitement. Anurag released her lips suddenly and he jerked her head away from him with his hands. This made her open her wide eyes. Her sweet expectation was ruined with that jerk.  She saw him peering into her eyes.

“What are you looking for?” She asked, a bit amused.

Looking intently into her eyes, he whispered, “Your eyes are mesmerizing.”

“And you sent me to unknown worlds with your touch,” she whispered in his ears.  “Did you know that this was my first kiss?” She asked him.

“I know.” He gave his usual small smile and said, “I am the first and the last man in your life”.

“True,” she said immediately. ”I wish that it were true,” she added.

            “I could have found a way to make you stop worrying about the society.” He was smiling now. “Lest, it will be not possible to stay with you the way I want to.”

She did not reply but smiled. 

“Until then, we shall have to be content with what is available around us,” he said and slowly turned her around to face him. He placed his hands around her waist and took her into his arms.

As she was waiting for this moment, she started to melt in his arms willingly.

“Turn on the light,” he said suddenly. “I want to see you.”

“What is there to see in me?” She wondered genuinely.

“I want to see you all,” he said again.

“Is it necessary?” She asked wanting confirmation.

“Yes,” he said and she switched on all the lights. The room now filled with bright light shed on her. She stood in front of him, decorated like a doll with beautiful ornaments studded with diamonds and other colourful stones. He took her lips again and this time she did not close her eyes. She bit his lips, which tasted like mint, lightly. 

He grabbed her and she moved closer as she wanted more. She suddenly longed for the rough masculine squeeze. But unmindful of her quest, he started to unbutton her blouse. The slight touch of his fingertips on her blossom made her feet that her heart would explode with excitement and her blood would gush out of her veins. He quickly loosened her bra and slipped the silk straps from her smooth and round shoulders. She closed her eyes again, but he lifted her chin with his fingertips and said, “I want you to see me. Don’t close your eyes”.

She complied and saw that he was staring at her firm and large breasts and was ready to crush them with his hands. She lowered her sight slightly and was surprised to see that he was completely naked. She hadn’t even noticed when he had undressed himself.

Suddenly, she felt his touch; a crushing touch in her middle and it made her moan. An electric shock passed throughout her body when his moustache brushed over her tender and round breasts. A low scream escaped her lips because that feeling was so thrilling and previously unknown to her. She bit his ear lightly and brushed her nose over his neck. He led her to the large bed and made her sit on it. His kissed her all over her body; from tip of her feet to the top of her head, and that excited her immensely, again a feeling unfamiliar to her till now. His every kiss animated her body even more and, she was left wanting something more and hard. A rousing electric charge started coursing her body now.

            With a smile, he laid her slowly on the bed and lowered himself on top of her.  She screamed again and again but the pain vanished soon replaced by eternal joy. She was mesmerized by their rhythm and wanted it more and forever. She moaned and cried with joy and felt as though she was in another galaxy, another world, and an unknown heaven. She reached out for him and held his hand tight.

I think, I am truly in love with you,” he said. “Are you?”

She touched his lips with her fingers, but said nothing. He removed her hand and bent to take her lips. Their lips met lightly.

“Are you?” He repeated his question.

“When I first saw you, I thought that you seduced my sister with your

money and she had sold you my body,” she said with a smile.

“Are you serious?” He looked at her with surprise.

 “Yes,” she continued. “But now I believe that you have touched my soul with your kind words and deeds and I want to be yours forever”.

 He said nothing but hugged her tight and kissed her forehead. Her bare breasts touched his wide chest and aroused him again. They made love till the moon went down in the west and the first rays of the sun were seen in the east.




















Short Synopsis:

SMILING BAITER is the story of three friends of a Prince with a betrayal by one of them for hidden royal treasure.

Vijay, the Crown Prince of Ramgarh State lives in a huge and beautiful palace along with his mother. Raghu and his American girlfriend Kathy are his close friends and also guests of the Prince, staying in the palace. Being jovial, Raghu narrated his child hood marriage experiences and also his encounter with two wonderful ladies who taught him the art of sex education when he was a young boy. Upon the request of his friends, Raghu tells the funny circumstances in which he met Kathy in Chicago.

Anurag Sharma is the son of a senior official at the royal court and also a childhood friend of the Prince. He is a trustworthy source of the Queen Mother and works as her private secretary as well as business advisor. With his charm and innocent smiling face, Anurag Sharma trapped a beautiful young girl Nitya, a student from Oxford University and even exchanged vows in the presence of their parents.

There is a huge priceless hidden treasure underground the palace and only the Prince, his three friends; Raghu, Kathy and Anurag Sharma and the Queen Mother have the knowledge of this hidden treasure which belongs to the Royal family.

Leila is the most beautiful young lady in the entire state of Ramgarh and the younger sister of a dancer at the Royal Court. Anurag Sharma literally owned her by paying a huge amount to the elder sister of Leila. She truly loves Anurag Sharma and dreams of a bright and happy future with her husband and their unborn child in her womb. She has no idea that her husband is using her for his own selfish purpose.

The story makes an abrupt twist when Nitya discovers that Anurag Sharma is a cunning baiter and already married to Leila, who is pregnant with his child. At the same time Leila also comes to know about Anurag’s engagement to Nitya and the conflict starts between the three. But no one expects that Anurag Sharma would turn out to be not only a charming liar but also a killer and a kidnapper.

The suspense begins when the Prince along with his friend Raghu and Anurag Sharma goes to the thick jungle on a tiger hunt leaving Kathy and Nitya at the palace. Anurag Sharma sketches a plan to loot the hidden underground treasure while his two friends are camped out in the jungle for the tiger hunt.

First Anurag Sharma kills his pregnant wife mercilessly in front of her elder sister and servants and flees into the jungle. Then he kidnaps Kathy from the palace and demands rare diamonds from the Prince from the Royal treasure. He also demands that the diamonds must be placed at a particular spot in the thick jungle and that they must be carried to that spot by Nitya and Raghu. The helpless Prince Vijay agrees to all the demands of Anurag Sharma just for the release of Kathy. As demanded by Anurag, Nitya and Raghu carry the diamonds to the jungle with great difficulty. The Prince plans to catch the kidnaper in the jungle but the baiter fools him, escapes easily along with the booty and demands more diamonds for Kathy’s release.

The story makes another interesting turn when the trust dies and anger blossoms in Nitya. She joins hands with Raghu and the Prince to trap the betrayer; Anurag Sharma and lays bait for him but the plan fails again. As a result, Anurag Sharma takes both Raghu and Nitya hostages.

In a fight for their life, both Raghu and Nitya unexpectedly find themselves face-to-face with their friend and Nitys’s lover Anurag. But it turns out to be another twist, when Nitya learns the truth that the Smiling Baiter was not Anurag Sharma but his look alike. The Smiling Baiter had also kidnapped the real Anurag Sharma along with Kathy. They were being kept in an underground room under the Royal Palace near the hidden treasure. They save Kathy but somehow the baiter escapes from the underground room when Raghu comes to arrest him along with the police.

Finally Raghu with the help of the Prince solves the mystery, traces the real baiter and arrests him along with his gang.

D Siva Rama Krishna

About the Author:

D Siva Rama Krishna started his career with State Bank of India after his Master’s degree in Sociology but left soon, as the dull and droning job did not fit his artsy nature. For the sake of thrill and adventure, he spent a few more years as Crime Investigator (freelance) as he studied Criminology and Forensic Science for his Bachelor’s degree. Finally he opted and settled as a full time writer.

Smiling Baiter is his third novel. The other two books are The Puzzle of Love and Lust and Glowing Dark.

Presently he lives in Hyderabad, India with my wife and two grownup children.

You can contact the author at: or