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Genre : Romance
Pages : 70

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Book Blurb:

Love is always a special feeling and some are destined to meet in the strangest way.
Akshat\'s life is going to take an interesting turn when he\'s going to hit puberty and then the usual attraction towards girls and an urge to have a girlfriend.
But on the other hand, he is coward, shy, introvert and want to achieve something in his life before getting into relationship.
And in the course of time, he meets a girl who become his true friend but he feels something more for her. She\'s being a perfect companion for him.
Now both being expressed their feelings to eachother and being accepted wholeheartedly. Will the society to accept them? Will he be able to fight against the odds to marry his perfect better half?
It\'s not just a love story but also a story of how a person should always listen to his heart when he is right and putting in everything to be what he want!

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Short Synopsis:

Its a love story which starts from college days. Both are from lower middle class family who are already having their own share of struggles and both of them didn\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t want to fall in love as their main responsibility is to firstly bring their family to a stable financial status. But when they found their true love (better halves), they felt that they are made for each other.
So how despite being same religion but different caste, having such a critical financial condition and having to achieve their goals and fulfill their responsibilities, Will they be able to be together forever? Whether they will end up marrying each other and be able to lead a happy life?

Akshay V Naik

About the Author:

I am Akshay V Naik from Mangalore, Karnataka. I have completed Bachelor\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s degree in Food processing and engineering. I love singing and reading books. I live with my grandma, mother and sister.

Instagram id- akadventurous24