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Maths class was going on. And I was proud that I was a last-bencher. As it is
said- ''Front benchers can see the blackboard, but last benchers can see the whole world''. My entire group used to sit at the last benches- Prakash, Sudeep, Sachin, Dharmesh, Manish, we were all 'last-benchers'. But it was also a disadvantage because the students who sat right in front of our bench used to do something mischievous and most of the times we were to be blamed.

While the class was going on, we were dreaming in our own world. Anyway, we could hear nothing that the lecturer said and neither were we interested. I was leaning down keeping my hand on the desk facing towards the window exploring the view outside. Dharmesh and Sudeep were watching some videos on my phone and Prakash & Sachin were discussing about girls, whom they should try on next, which one to propose and how. They were in their own fantasy world.

Suddenly, we heard our names being called which brought our attention back to the real world. Ma’am called out our names and asked us to stand. This time maybe she noticed us not paying attention in class. She might have thought that we being last-benchers always were not concentrating on her lecture ever and might be doing some rubbish things instead.

I was thinking about Nikita and Vishmita and whatever happened with me so far in this college. And when Ma’am called my name, my chain of thoughts got broken. We all stood in our respective places, all began to shiver a bit shockingly and started looking in each other’s direction trying not to face the teacher.

'SO, MY BRILLIANT AND INTELLIGENT STUDENTS, you might have not looked at the board so far, but I am sure you were listening to me crystal clear, right?'

We shook our head, some nodding a YES, some said NO. Now, we were confused and shivering more than before. We were in a very critical situation, metaphorically it felt like the police caught the thief despite he not being the real culprit.

'So now, let's see how fast can you solve these math problems, can you solve them faster than Karan, come on!' she sounded like Hitler or rather a witch.

Karan was that bastard, who always treated math like it was the only subject in our PUC course and used to score at least 90%.

And that’s when I started thinking, if we successfully solve this problem, we’ll be
appreciated rather than being scolded and will save our pride at least in front of girls but if we won't then we’ll be HANGED TO DEATH.

‘This time, our asses were actually on fire.'

'' Jitni khushi aapko tab hogi jab ek dress ke upar ek free hoga, usse sau
guna zyada jatka hume tab laga jab we were told to solve the problems on

'COME IN FRONT', ma’am screamed and our hearts pounded as if it were to burst out.  We started walking forward one after the other, each one remembering GOD exactly when we needed him the most. As students, we remember GOD only during the date of submission of assignments when the last date is long gone or during exams and last but not the least during such situations.

So all of us were standing near the battlefield aka the blackboard on which we had to fight the battle of solving math problems.

Ma’am called Prakash first. He stepped forward, the guy was expressionless, but I could feel somewhere that he was as nervous as all of us. Ma’am dictated a problem, he noted it down on board. We were all praying for him to be able to solve it. He completed half of the problem with difficulty and then stood there blankly looking at us. Ma’am realized that he won’t be able to solve it and the first of our soldiers were all gone.

Next was Sudeep to be called. He was asked to solve the same problem, the truth was he didn’t even know as much as Prakash did, so there the second one was gone too.

Now it was Manish’s turn. Ma’am gave him another problem and even he stood blankly after completing about 40% of the problem. This was getting really embarrassing.

Next up was Dharmesh. I knew that this guy will not even write the 1st step properly, but to my surprise, he did almost half of the problem! I felt at least he did better than the rest. But again half is equal to zero for our ma’am and he was also defeated.

Now, Sachin was the one who was very good at math in our gang and so I had complete faith in him that he would solve it with ease. Knowing the smart guy he was, ma’am gave him a comparatively tricky problem to him. He almost reached the last step but could not get the right answer. I looked at ma’am, she was just a tiny bit satisfied with Sachin's effort but again he failed to completely impress her too.

‘AND THE BEST WAS SAVED FOR THE LAST, MYSELF'. I couldn’t solve it, but best because I could screw it up more than any of my friends. There was a huge responsibility for me. My friends were looking at me with lots of hope that at least I will solve it. It was like I was their MS Dhoni and they were expecting me to chase the last 36 runs in the final over and win the match, which was no less than a miracle.
Ma’am gave me a huge smile which was quite dangerous, indicating that if I also couldn’t solve it, then not even God will be able to save us from her. I wrote down the problem dictated by ma’am with shivering hands. I looked at 45 spectators as they were also expecting me to hit sixes while I was thinking, what if the bowler bowled 15-20 no balls or wides. It was just impossible.
Thankfully, I knew the formula for the given problem. But it was tricky enough that I stopped at the third step. I looked at my friends pleading them for help, they even tried but I was not able to understand their gestures. I closed my eyes expecting some magic to happen, somehow the right steps and answer would flash in my mind but instead, Vishmita and Nikita's faces were there, mocking at me. Finally, I gave up too. I looked at my watch, still, 15 MINUTES were remaining for the class to get over. We were so screwed.
I wish no one would ever get such scoldings, insulting words from their teachers in front of the whole class.
I wished that we could disappear, but of course nothing as such happened. The long scoldings and that embarrassing moment lasted till the bell rang. We were so embarrassed that we were not able to face anyone for the rest of the day. We all made a huge fool of ourselves and were the topic of discussion for the whole college as they found it all very amusing. It got really humiliating and disgusting by the end of the day.
This just had to happen, though none of us were at fault other than not listening to the lecture. Time can heal things and everyone forgot about it as there were new other hot gossips upcoming.

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