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Genre : Thriller
TARGET AUDIENCE: Teenagers, Adults
Pages : 71

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Denial Diaries

Book Blurb:

Denial diaries is a reflection of the common and uncommon difficulties we face emotionally. Each protagonist is going through a struggle; a battle between harsh reality and comfortable denial. Will they find a way out or succumb to denial? Stories range from a peek into an actor’s head, to firsthand exposure to a mother’s diary. Have a glimpse into the love story of two young people, witness the teen swimmer’s battle with her friend. Unravel a mystery as clients spill secrets to their therapists. This book also includes a section called, Rambled - a collection of random thoughts put together to stimulate your thinking. Join this rollercoaster, I promise you a thrilling ride.

Sample Chapters:

The Waiter

It’s a lively evening. She paces hurriedly towards the crossroad.

Two restaurants; One on each side. Today has been a long day.

The boss has been harsh, the boyfriend, distant.

She stops at the diversion and examines her options. Two restaurants, both identical, bearing no name. An initial struggle is followed by her giving in to habit. She walks towards the door on the left. She pushes the door open and enters, immediately greeted by the all too familiar aura of the place. The dim lights make her stomach queasy, but she ignores it. She has been doing this for a long time now.

Throwing her bag at a table, she makes herself comfortable in the near darkness. She has almost developed a liking for it. A tall man approaches her.

“Welcome to Denial. How may I feed your ego today, ma’am?”

She stares at him, then lets out an exasperated sigh that could mean, ‘sure, what the hell.’

“Would you have sex with me?” she asks simply and notices the waiter at a loss for words. “Hypothetically”, she adds. Her questioning look forces the man to answer. “Umm, sure…” “You seem doubtful. You would not want to do it with me?” “No, no. I’d love to do it.” The words come out quicker, “Anybody would.”

Her expression hardens. “Are you calling me a slut?” “Ma’am, I never implied that, forgive me, I-”

She realizes that the waiter looks genuinely apologetic for what he said, and she has knowledge that she is the one at fault. Her conscience reasons her to let it go, for she has brought this upon herself.

Thus, she begins an outrage. “Is this how you serve your customers? You made me reason, you realize how dreadful its consequences could be?” The manager of the restaurant has heard her. He comes rushing, tells the waiter to leave immediately, and tends on one of his precious customers.

“Ma’am, I am truly sorry for this little mishap. I’m sure we can find a way to feed you lies enough to make you feel at peace with yourself again. Give us a chance, ma’am. Please.” His eyes seem so genuine…she thinks…and did he mention peace with self? Yes, she would like that,please.

“And you are a woman with great sex appeal ma’am, don’t get me wrong. Your boyfriend is an idiot. It is not your fault ma’am. It can never be your fault.” The manager adds. She finds no need to argue as she quietly seats herself back. The manager leaves with the promise of fresh lies. She looks forward.

She has only begun to dive into a pool of narcissism when she hears screams of the waiter. She turns towards the origin of the sound to realize that he’s being thrown out. “I have the biggest lie for you” he tempts. “Follow me, you’ll love this…ma’am”, he hurriedly adds the last word.

Curiosity takes over the promise of comfort as she follows the waiter, despite the manager’s attempts to lure her back. “What is it…tell me... feed me” she mutters desperately. “Come with me, the waiter says as she exits the restaurant.

The sun is setting outside, and all the comfort she had inside, seems to be a dream. “What’s the lie?” she asks with startling vehemence. “This is the lie! The biggest lie!” he points at the restaurant they have just vacated. She gets an urge to slap the man; the man who is calling her way of life a lie? How daring of him! “Just please, for once, try to go to the other restaurant?” he pleads. She is in a fix.

“Oh it’ll be even better…” the waiter adds.

Robert Frost is sure to have smiled, for she walks towards the road not taken.

Curiosity does get the better of her; she realizes a novel aspect of herself.

As she pushes the door to get in, she is blinded by a bright light, which slowly fades away to show her something she can’t quite get herself to react to. She sees people, many people, some cooking, some washing utensils, while some are eating. The satisfaction on their face stands out. She steps in as a thought enters her head; maybe she should stop being too demanding, and better herself as a person.

How did that happen? She turns back to question the waiter about this restaurant and its novel ways, only to find that he has disappeared.

When she turns back in, she notices a large sign, and that makes all the difference.

“Welcome to Reality. Serve yourself.”

Short Synopsis:

Radhika Joshi

About the Author:

Radhika, from Almora, is a student in Christ University Bangalore, currently pursuing her Bachelor’s degree. She is passionate about music and psychology. Her hobbies include procrastinating, watching movies, playing instruments and talking about herself in third person. She has been overthinking since she was born. This is the first time it has yielded fruit.