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Book Blurb:

Sometimes all you need is a little voice telling you, ' You can '!!

Her poetry is not mere feel good to make you positive and courageous in anidealistic virtual state of mind, but to face the harsh realities and brutal truths. Yet at the same time reflects upon the human resilience. A poetic memoir on thepathway of darkness that lead to inner light.

Through her soul stirring poetry, she ensures you towards hues of your own journey to get in touch with your unexplored and unspoken side.

Her idea of inspiring, healing and finding yourself through 'Pursuit of Sunshine in Rain', are -

poetic ephanines on love ,light and peace, best summised through one of her poetry-

As I ink

I give a piece of me

Frightening or liberating?

But courage is unraveling

What's often untold

With each verseI surrender to the universe

Expressions of freedom

Lend a voice of my soul

Holding hope as I become whole

I weave my sanctity into words

Let them absorb my wounds

Yet the light radiates when

I'm able to save someone

Fighting his battle alone

-Tanushi Singh

So are you willing to read and feel the other side?

Quoting her words-

"If I was a movie

I would be Dead Poets Society

Ignite the extra ordinary

Within an ordinary life

But no cruel endings here

Darkness dies here

Light conquers strife"

Sample Chapters:

The transformation

from broken to bold

is a flicker ignited

whilst sorrow unfolds.

The change over

from caged to unbolt

is a glimmer in the eye

through storms untold.

The renewal

from lost to hope

is through an oasis of love

whilst faith holds you close

Short Synopsis:

Tanushi Singh

About the Author:

Tanushi is used to donning hats as per the need of the hour. As a wife of an army officer, life constantly demands her to stay strong and accept a life less ordinary with a ceaseless smile. A juggler as a part-time Structural Engineering Consultant and working for the army welfare, she takes out time to write poetry to get in touch with her soul.
Though she enjoys designing buildings for a living. It is only through Poetry she found her wings to fly. Freedom and a purpose to give back to life.
An avid blogger on Facebook with 7400+ followers. Her facebook page Create Believe Inspire is her medium of spreading the magic of words to heal.
Her debut book 'Scribbling of my Soul' is an international publication from publisher Lovely Garcia residing in the Philippines, is the founder of a Facebook community called Poetry Planet. This community has more than 30 thousand poets(and growing)from all across the globe. Her second book also published by Lovely Garcia, is a poetic memoir on loving a soldier.
Her poetry is based on her life and experiences. Through her poetry, she believes she can heal and spread love, light, and peace.
Tanushi now is also an active member of the Poetry Planet Team to help build Poetry anthologies, judge poetry and conduct poetry contests for the Poetry Planet members.
Through her book 'Pursuit of Sunshine in Rain" she strives to send the message of strength of self-worth and hope. The power of our thoughts can make or break us. Through her own journey, she succeeded to seek inwards to cope and conquer strife.
Its a go-to book for all ages.
A self-help therapy to conquer your goals. A guide to live and not merely go through life.
To summarize the power of poetry in her words:
"I open the window
Of thoughts
Soak in the glimmer
Of hope
Bend words
Invoke Wisdom
Draped in a shroud
Of cope
Poetry isn't a passion
It's my survival
My Freedom
My peace
My pathway
For growth"
- Tanushi