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PINK GENDER: The Story of a Man, a Woman and a Dream

Book Blurb:

One day a man, a woman and a transgender get a call for police Investigation at the police station regarding an unintended, serendipitous accident. Police investigates the matter and call the three people in the police station. The three - a man, a woman and a transgender wait in the counselling centre without even knowing how their lives are interconnected with an event of watching the film "PINK " in the same theatre on the same day in the same show.

Their stories and mysteries unfold in the counselling room of the police station and a connecting link between their stories is established. The mystery is associated with the film they watched and the time during which they watched it.

What finally happens ?; - "The three get trapped more or move on with their lives or do they collude to come out of this and create a new move against the police to come out and chart out their own journey by being friends" . This story is all about these magical mysteries of life which are unexplained in their own ways and how they get more revealed when three lives with different sexual and gender orientations criss cross each other in a police investigation in the police counselling room. 

Sample Chapters:

This chapter sets out the context of a mystery around a sexual harassement complaint that happened on a certain day. Three individuals are called in the police station. One of them is a man, one a woman and the third one is a transgender. They all have been called owing to three different sexual harassement complaints. But it seems that their lives are interconnected through these complaints and a mysterious death which happens outside a cinema hall where the film "PINK" was being showcased.

The chapter starts outlining one of the characters undergoing interrogation in the police station. It charts out the journey of the transgender in the story and the journey traversed by the individual and the events that emerge and shape up in the journey of the transgender.

Short Synopsis:

Anandajit Goswami

About the Author:

Anandajit Goswami is a writer and an economist by training with his post graduation in International Trade and Development from Jawaharlal Nehru University and PhD in Energy Economics and Policy from TERI School of Advanced Studies. He has authored the first children science fiction book on sustainability in India titled - "Lucy and The Train: Tryst with Sustainability" and a sequel titled - "Lucy Meets Artificial Intelligence". Both books have been getting rave reviews in Amazon and Goodreads and have been critically acclaimed by Indian Book Review Journal as a novel work in the space of Children Science Fiction literature in India and across the world. He has coauthored, coedited books titled - "Sustainability Science for Social, Economic and Environmental Development", "Economic Modelling, Analysis and Policy for Sustainability" released by Idea Global International, Pennsylvania. Both the books are being used as reference books at Universities in U.S.A, Europe and in India at post graduation and Doctorate level. Other than this, he has contributed popular articles in newspapers and blogs for Economist, Reuters Foundation. He writes regularly for his blogspace - He has been a musician from the age of six and has initiated a movement called " Music and Sustainability" in which he has worked with singers like Shafqat Amanat Ali Khan through a project called - "Naas". He is also spearheading a movement called - "Art from the Heart" for sustainability under the tutelage of a larger movement called - "Climate Jamboree". Details of the movement are available at - His music tracks like - "Shukno Thote" , "Ajnabee", "Project NAAS" are widely liked in Youtube. He has also been playing cricket professionally through corporate cricket leagues in New Delhi and Gurgaon since 2004. Anandajit works as a Management Development Programme Coordinator at TERI School of Advanced Studies and is a faculty, course instructor of an unique elective programme called - "Art and Sustainability" at TERI School of Advanced Studies. In his earlier professional assignment with United Nations Economic Commission for Africa, he had established South South Collaboration programmes between India and Africa with the support of Ministry of External Affairs. He was born in Kolkata and lives in New Delhi with his mother.