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Genre : Romance
Pages : 222

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Book Blurb:

Can you challenge your fate?
Do you have the veracity to map your destiny with your mighty pen?
Do you believe in The Almighty or are you an atheist?
Everyone has to walk on the voyage from birth until death, no matter whether your path is laid with a carpet of thorns or is draped in silk couture.
Meet the five souls who are ready to embrace it all for they believe that their ink of faith beholds the sovereignty to carve their destiny.
But, Sacrifice is the demon which crosses their path and they cannot escape but succumb to it...Are you ready? Well, you have no other choice...

Sample Chapters:

The warmth of the afternoon sun and the winter breeze; the blend was unusual yet refreshing. Sitting at the park, I was holding my diary, tracing my finger over the hardcover. They say the book is our best friend whose companionship is unconditional and for a lifetime. My diary is my confidant. It is my trustee where I could confess my feelings and conceal my secrets.
I untangled the woollen scarf off my neck and rested it on the bench. Taking a deep breath, I opened my diary. Flipping through the pages, I aimlessly read my own complaints written to The Almighty. They were painfully penned down. The stains of my tears on each page were still profound and have become a bookmark as if mourning on my behalf. These letters were never posted. How could I? I had no clue about His existence.
My mother told me that God is in our heart. Close your eyes and remember him. He never let our prayers go unheard.
Since then I have been religiously praying to him to give me strength and pull me out of the maze of pain and tribulation. In these twenty-five years of my life, I still could not comprehend an answer to if miracles do happen. I have experienced none. The only experience I have conquered is that each day is a race. If you waste it, then you are a loser. Your action is an accelerator. Your pessimistic attitude acts as a break, which is the harmful saddle and enemy to your enthralling life.
I stopped at the page where I had written a small poem:
Life is a shrine
Sacred and full of shine
Alas! Fate has taken away
All the happiness
That was only mine
Oh, Lord! I need your time
Make me a star
So that even if my life
Is full of darkness
I can always shine

‘Where are you going at this hour?’ Aamir startled me while I was busy buttoning my shirt, all lost in virtually filming my impending date. Gosh! Even daydreaming cannot be gratified without an inauguration of my brother’s intervention. I wonder if he lacks the stamina to rest or is suffering from his own bouts of anxieties or insecurities and is trying to overcome his own trance of sentiments by stirring my nervous system with his inquisitiveness.
‘At least knock the door before entering in?’ I gave him a sharp look.
Aamir yawned and stretched out his arms; his back arched and his abs slightly pouting out.
‘We both are straight so there is nothing to feel so insecure,’ he slapped my left bum and sat down on my bed.
I quickly wore my trouser, cursing myself for not locking the door. Now I have to broadcast my personal life live in front of my sibling before he could spare me so that I could concentrate on my future for this day.
‘I asked you something?’ he stared at me.
‘Did any ghost disturb you in your sleep that you took the pain to raid my privacy?’
‘Raid your privacy!’ Aamir laughed. ‘How many girls have not seen your…’
Before he could embarrass me further, I picked up the shaving tube and threw it at him. He caught and patiently kept it on the side table. Vengeance never hits him easily.
‘For your kind information, I am a virgin.’ I knew this revelation wasn’t required but I couldn’t take in his sarcasm.
‘What do I have got to do with your holiness? I came to the kitchen to quench my thirst and heard you talking over the phone,’ he reasoned. ‘Now, you tell me where you are going?’
‘To meet someone,’ I said and sprayed perfume all over my shirt. I wished he could keep his mouth shut or rather leave me alone. That was impossible. But for the sake of time, I needed him as none of the cab drivers was ready to drop me to the railway station and Aamir was the only one who could do the obligation.
J a s m e e t Wa l i a
‘Are you going to take a perfume bath!’ he chuckled. ‘So, Mr. Shivesh
Kapoor is going to meet Miss Tiara and sadly no cab driver is ready to
give you a lift!’ he sighed dramatically.
I was stunned. How did he know that? I peered into his eyes.
Obliviously it was a failed attempt to retrieve how he knew the secret.
Sharp ears! Anyway, I had to dismiss the thought for now.
I combed my hair and sat beside Aamir to wear my socks and shoes.
‘Damn, I can never keep any secret within myself.’
‘Is anything brewing between you two or it is just a casual date?’ he
intervened with another pesky question.
‘Why are you interested to know?’ I sulked with irritation. My
boiled-up demeanour seemed least to affect him.
‘If you would have told me earlier, I too would have accompanied
you to see what is so special about your new-found interest that you are
ferrying all the way to Chandigarh.’
I remained silent.
‘I think I can manage a last-minute ticket,’ he spoke with enthusiasm
and a wide grin.

Short Synopsis:

Jasmeet Walia

About the Author:

Jasmeet Walia, hailing from Kolkata, holds MBA and PGDBM degree to her credit. She migrated to Chandigarh in 2014 to establish her career in the banking industry. Being a bibliophile and having a passion for the written words, she realized that enduring the mundane and monotonous career was a sheer wastage of time.
She launched a hallmark with her first short story, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, digitally published on Juggernaut Books in 2017, which earned her an honourable mention and editor’s critique- I enjoyed the pace and the building of tension through the story. It also perfectly created the scene for me, almost felt like I was watching it unfold in front of me.
Her next short story, Strings of Solitude, is also published with Juggernaut Books, that has received positive reviews from the readers. She has also been featured in a book, 1000 Women, an initiative to encourage and inspire women, published by Blue Rose Publishers. She also has two anthologies in line to be published in 2019.
Apart from weaving words on pages, she believes in inspiring people through her inspiring quotes, which she regularly shares on Mirakee and other social media handles.
Jasmeet describes her life in four lines:
Pen is my crush
Paper is my journey
Writing is my passion
Book is my love