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Genre : Romance
TARGET AUDIENCE: Teenagers, Adults
Pages : 170

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I was highly logical like other IITians. But still quite different from them as I used to perceive things logically while also adding my own flavour of theories that I possess. Sometimes my theories were accepted among my friends, sometimes it created a lot of controversies, which leads to a night-out session of long discussion, early morning tea and laughing on stupid discussions. Naturally, my opinion about love was also quite different. I believed every person has both some good and bad as well in them. And for me, I can love anyone who understands me. And my theory suggests that we can't love anyone who doesn't love us. And we can't love anyone without understanding the other being. Without meeting someone. Without spending time. In Short, we can't fall in love with a stranger. But it was only a theory, never tested before.

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About the Author:

Umesh Jakhar, A simple guy from Rajasthan born in a small village Dhamora ofJhunjhunun district. He did his primary schooling from the village and rest from the town Sikar. Currently, Umesh is a serial entrepreneur. Best known for his technical skills, although having a substantial insight into philosophy and life. Umesh has been awarded the best facebook startup funding for his inspiring work. Although being heavily influenced by the technological aspect of society; his prime interest still lies in the realm of understanding underlying principles governing life. He was accidentally inspired by a stranger fellow from Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur to write his first novel, Miss Stranger. Umesh spends his free time on social media, watching movies, playing cricket, making sketches and listening to music.