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Genre : Poetry
TARGET AUDIENCE: Teenagers, Adults
Pages : 150

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Book Blurb:

They ask us who we are, what we love and where our hearts belong while they are lost themselves. To those lost souls searching for an answer – we are all Sugarcoated Souls of the stars that lie below our skin. Let’s find ourselves, heal ourselves and love ourselves in this poetic journey, together.
- Perditus

Sample Chapters:

1. There was an unheard chaos in her heart; angels and demons fighting for love.
2. No one has the power to heal you, like you do.
3. Sugarcoat my soul, not your lies.

To the scars on my soul,

I’ve embraced these moments I’ve shared with you in the dark. You are my priced possessions that I wouldn’t trade for anything. I love a little more, smile a little more and cry a little more cause of you. You are the torchbearer of my lost soul in the dark of infinity. I hope you find home on my soul just like I found home with you.


Short Synopsis:


About the Author:

Perditus is a young observer, poet and storyteller. Born on the Indian subcontinent, he was always surrounded by several cultures and took immense inspiration from them. He is a strong believer of giving back to the universe and this book is a compilation of everything he has come across in 18 years of his life. With his love towards nature and its forces, he presents this book to you.