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Genre : Romance
TARGET AUDIENCE: Teenagers, Adults
Pages : 150

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Book Blurb:

This story is based on “break- up”. The breakup is an extremely stressful, unpleasant, and painful situation for a person. There are many negative effects of split like psychological distress symptoms, weight loss, depression etc.. At the other hand, there is one positive effect of this terrible situation and that is “stress-related growth.” In many movies, it has been shown that after a break-up victim becomes a successful person. As life is not always a bed of roses. It is not that easy in real life and one can go into dark doon directions.

Salini and Paras are the main characters of the story. Salini is a 23 years old girl who lives in the hostel at Surat, Gujarat. Unlike other girls of her age who makes friends and fall in love but she has her joy, lots of dreams in eyes and accomplishments in the study. She tries to fulfil her dreams but seems hard nut to crack. Looking at her age, her family has decided to get her merry with a boy named Paras. Paras is a 25 years old boy has a very cunning smile; a simple and humble boy who lives at Allahabad. Initially, Salini refused to get merry with Paras but when she met him she got ready and they both were tied up in a relationship. Their relationship was very cute and understanding. Both were very happy with each other. All went good for about four months. Step by step they came closer to each other. Once without telling a reason Paras refused to get married to her and broke their engagement. Both families were shocked and it was worst for Salini. She met with depression and insomnia. She remained depressed for a long time but then she decided to use this painful stage of her life positively and started working on her dreams. It was not magic but after break up, she became more conscious about her dreams and finally, she achieved her goal for which she was struggling from the last 5 years. She never hated Paras and gave a different direction to her life. Her internal makeover was the product of her Break up and ‘Paras’. She was coping with her current stage and mid while she got a mail from Paras in which the reason for the split was revealed. In this mail Paras' current stage was also mentioned. Paras also fulfilled his biggest dream and at last Salini said her story in her words with a title “AND BREAK-UP MADE OUR LIVES .” Her positive approach is really valuable. Salini has a heart touching story.

95% of person (whoever had face break up) could be able to co-relate themselves with this story because stories may vary but feelings remain the same.

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Short Synopsis:

“And Break-up made our lives” How paradoxical!! But that’s true. Wanna to know how?? Go with this story of young couple Salini and Paras. How do they give a new direction of their dark doon condition using a theory of “stress-related growth”. 90% of people can co-relate themselves with this story because the story varies not the feelings. Book candidly takes you on the trip of Allahabad and Vadodara as well.


About the Author:

Dr Surbhi Shah is an author and physiotherapist living and working in a Vadodara, India. Her mission is to provide a physically fit and mentally relax the body to all. She introduces herself as ambivert and an excellent chef. She loves the detailed analysis of nature and spiritual things. Contact her on