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Genre : Poetry
TARGET AUDIENCE: Teenagers, Adults
Pages : 120

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Book Blurb:

The human personality is like a mandala- it starts from the core of your being, and expands continuously in every direction, forming a beautiful, confusing canvas that is interesting to observe, but difficult to understand. Sanitised Hallucinations is a small exploration of the human psyche, focusing on emotions like anger, betrayal, sadness, emptiness, and the evergreen theme of the human experience- the indomitable will to survive.

Sample Chapters:


you make me bleed

every month

more than half my life

spent-blood, for children i haven’t made.

the sacred act-

making those innocent beings-

it’s anything but innocent!

my blood flowers

virgins peeping,

with shy red cheeks;

a lover lost in her red passion;

a mother- dying, birthing- red everywhere.

you gave me this body.

you gave me this blood-

this bloodstained week

of every month-

only to ban me from your worship?

is my blood not good enough for you?


girls with hair in varying shades of chocolate

stiff pastel dresses

wavy tresses

pink lips, coyly painted

nails shaped and mended.

Heels high as the flames of hell

lapping at their burning ankles.

hairclips of tortoise-shell

an innocent anklet that tinkles.

dilated pupils hiding monsters

stiff smiles, perfected

teeth, practised

posture, practised talk

to hide the ability to shock.

doll-like girls, dimpled faces

up their sleeves are stacked aces.

manicured fingers that throw curveballs

world domination in their designer holdalls.

Outrageous wear outrageously high heels

cut your hair outrageously short

wear that red lipstick that

kisses your plump lips an

outrageously dark red. don’t be “safe.”

don’t dab the lipstick on your

fingertip, to lighten it

like how you compromise

everything you like,

everything you wear,

everything you truly are

for society’s nod of approval.

for its “recommendation.”

for its character certificate.

don’t be the

“girl next door.”

walk down those dusty streets like

they’re your runway.

own them

and the stares

and the whispers

and the disapproval

and the glint on your oversized, jackie o



Short Synopsis:

Sanitised Hallucinations is a collection of 50 poems (many initially shared online through social media) that deal with myriad emotions and personal experiences. The poems are largely confessional in nature, and aim to capture the thoughts and feelings of a 20-something Indian woman. The poems vary in length and style and are written in a minimalistic format (in lower case) that allows the reader to decide which words and phrases carry the most substantial impact.


About the Author:

Samyuktha Nair was born on 24 May 1996 in Chennai to Malayali parents. She pursued her bachelor's degree in English Language and Literature from Madras Christian College and her master's degree in English Literature from The English and Foreign Languages University, Hyderabad. She has been writing since the age of six, often poems and short stories abandoned halfway. Her first book, The Warriors of Javida was published in 2012, and her second, The Family Mystery, in 2017. Sanitised Hallucinations is her third book and first collection of poetry.

Samyuktha identifies as a feminist and is also an avid learner of languages. She is fluent in English, Hindi, Tamil, and Malayalam, and is currently learning Indian Sign Language. She has been an avid reader since childhood and does not restrict herself to a single genre- both in her reading and writing.