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Genre : Fantasy
TARGET AUDIENCE: Teenagers, Adults
Pages : 200

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Book Blurb:

A thrilling journey of two best friends, Aaditya and Vikram; one of them is prodigy soul, and after millennia, the age-old war has found its way, Gods and Devils are looking for the prodigy soul, to unlock the vault where the most potent weapon is kept. The truce between gods and evils has held no meaning, the conspiracy, the grand plot started against the most significant power. Vikram and Aaditya lost their lives and their souls separated from each other’s and travelled through different known and unknown, hidden and dangerous worlds to reach their destiny. Who will land his hands on weapon first? Is Naduse, the lord of underworld able to take his revenge against King of gods? Will the Prince of gods prove his credentials to divine court? Who is the prodigy soul? And what happens when the weapon falls into the wrong hands.

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Short Synopsis:

The truce between gods and demons was broached; seeking power over the whole universe led chaos, masters of different worlds had already chosen sides as benefits were befitted. The Dark Lord, master of nether land, was the protector of the underworld, Torriyan and Demosus were his most trustworthy commanders, and he had kept the secret hidden in his locker, the blue stone, a gift by the Titan, father of all gods. That blue stone held the sword and a glass of queen’s tears. Before the power of the sword, gods and demons were vulnerable. The King of gods wanted that sword with the help of his son and the heaven’s army to control over the whole universe. Aaditya and Vikram were best friends, and one of them was the prodigy soul, it happens once in a millennium. Their journey started after their tragic death through different worlds. They got separated from each other’s and travelled through different worlds created by gods and demons, uncovered and unknown worlds. The war between Dark Lord and King of gods was the oldest rivalry since their origins. The hunt for prodigy soul begun. If the sword fell in wrong hand the whole universe would plunge into darkness.


About the Author:

Nihar is an MBA in marketing and holds six years experience in corporate. He likes to enjoy his life with his friends. Writing is his passion, and history and mythology both are his favourite subjects to read. He lives in Pune; he was born and brought up in Assam and Madhya Pradesh. Reading and writing both are his hobby. He loves different languages, cuisine, cultures and dresses. Football and Chess make his adrenaline rush into the blood. He believes in ‘dreams are meant to be lived.’