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Genre : Romance
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Most of us have experienced love in some phases of our life...Even if it’s not...still some sort of liking or infatuation is a common thing. But all love stories are not happily written.
Hence we often commit some steps which may ease the situation a bit
We sometimes jump into rebound relationship
Is rebound relationship fruitful? Does it help? Can we fall in love with a different person again with the same intensity?
Let’s indulge in this rebound relationship story of Shivam and Aanchal.
“Loving you my way-A rebound love story ” is a story about rebound relationship... a tale of passionate love
It’s time to fall in love once again.

Sample Chapters:

Present day: Andheri
It is drizzling outside, and it is quite natural. After all, it is the month of July and that too in Mumbai, which is famous for its rainy season.
Though it is not heavily raining today, still the Military road, Marol is less occupied with people. There are shops closed even. Maybe the shop owners are enjoying with their families on this Saturday evening, the day before a weekly holiday, i.e. Sunday. Just beside the Ram ratan chaiwala, which is famous in Andheri for its tea, a house is decorated with lights, and it seems that the building is newly painted. The house is a three-storeyed building and is owned by Mr Awasthy, a businessman from Kolkata who had shifted to Mumbai a year ago. Mr Awasthyis no doubt a wealthy businessman, but he is down to earth. He is known in the locality for his friendly nature and for his willingness to help others.
It is evident from the road that someone is standing in the balcony of the first floor. The person is wearing a golden coloured Sherwani and is tall enough to be identified. But his face is not visible as it is drizzling outside and he is staring somewhere down the gardens deeply engrossed in some thoughts. He is tall and masculine and is a perfect name to be given Tall, dark and Handsome man.
Nitin Sabrewal at first doubted about that person standing on the first floor. He came closer from Ram ratan Chaiwala stall towards the big Iron Gate just in front of the door.
Nitin, who has just returned from Sweden to attend his childhood friend’s wedding, is sure enough that the person standing on that balcony is none other than Shivam Awasthy Aka Fattoo. Nitin’s childhood buddy or in other words Chaadi wale friend. Shivam didn’t notice that Nitin was standing below his house in Andheri.
“Fattoo……” Nitin shouted from outside the gate with a smile.
At first, Shivam was shocked to hear that name “Fattoo” from someone. It had been long since someone called him by his pet name that was earlier given to him in his school days. He looked downwards.
There was a broad smile on his face. His childhood buddy Nitin was standing near the Iron Gate.
Shivam hurried downstairs and opened the gate within minutes and hugged Nitin. There were tears in both of their eyes. But that tear was not for any sorrow instead it was for happiness., the happiness to see your old friend after so many years.
Shivam and Nitin knew each other from a very long time. Once upon a time Shivam’s father and Nitin’s father were business stakeholders in Kolkata. Both their families shared a great bonding. Shivam and Nitin attended the same school in Kolkata. After class 12, Nitin went to Sweden for both BS and MS, and his father wrapped up his business in the city of joy and settled in Ahmedabad where he was born earlier.
It is the occasion for his childhood friend’s marriage; so Nitin without wasting any time flew to Mumbai from Stockholm one day before the day of the wedding. He wants to spend time with his best buddy at one of the most crucial phases of the latter’s life.
It is Shivam’s marriage that is going to be held the very next day. A “Sangeet” type ceremony was organised the previous day of the wedding and after every invitee left from the occasion, Shivam still dressed in Sherwani, was busy thinking about something or the other in his balcony.

“What are you thinking so much Man? Tomorrow is the big day for you...Your marriage…Common cheer up," Nitin said.
“It’s nothing like that. I am not thinking about any serious matter. You know tomorrow I am going to a bit nervous “ Shivam Chuckled.
“There is nothing to be the nervous man. You will be getting a life partner from tomorrow. It’s as simple as that. But don’t tell me that you are not thinking something. I am seeing you from the last few minutes from the road. I think something is troubling you “ Nitin replied.
“No my dost. Everything is fine. Why should I worry man and why should I think? It’s my marriage, but still, a bit tensed about tomorrow.” Shivam said with a smile.
“ By the way, let's go inside. You have come from a long distance. So you are a hell lot of tired. We will talk later."
Shivam went inside his room from Balcony. Nitin Accompanied him.
Everyone of Shivam’s family knew Nitin well. He was just like another son to Shivam’s parents. Shivam’s family welcomed him.
After Nitin got refreshed and had his dinner, Shivam said:
“Nitin, I know you are tired, but we have met after a long time. So don’t even think that you will be allowed to take rest. Tomorrow your best friend is going to get married. So no rest for you today.”
“What are you saying Shivam? Nitin seems to be tired. Let him sleep today. He will join us tomorrow for the ceremony” said Mrs Awasthy, Shivam’s mother.
“ Aunty, it's fine. I have taken rest in the flight. So Shivam and I can talk .” Nitin replied to Mrs Awasthy.
“Okay, as you both wish,” said Mrs Awasthy

After everyone left from the dining room, Shivam and Nitin went to former’s room.
“ So Nitin, tell me how’s life in Sweden ?” asked Shivam with a smile.
“ Oh its beautiful Man..the country is filled with beautiful girls” Nitin replied by winking.
“You are still a ‘Tharki’ man..You have not changed a bit “ Shivam laughed.
“Oh Come on Fattooo…its nothing related to being ‘Tharki’. ..You know it’s an art to talk with girls and impress them “ Nitin said by putting his hand on his shirt’s collar.
Both of them laughed.
“Anyway leave my life. I am happy with what I am doing and my life in Sweden. But tell me about yourself. Tomorrow you are getting married. How are you feeling?” Nitin asked
“Nothing much. It’s as usual. A bit excited though “ Shivam replied.
“A few minutes back only you told me that you were tensed about your marriage and now you are saying you are excited. Something seems to be a fishy man.” Nitin doubted.
“ Hehe..nothing like that “ Shivam smiled
“Tell me, brother. What’s troubling you? We have whole night with us.” Nitin said.
Shivam thought for a moment.
Then he replied “It is nothing that’s troubling me. But I was thinking about my days that I had spent in the last couple of years. I was just nostalgic and was thinking how things changed in my life.”
“Okay. That’s good. Sometimes you need to think. You need to introspect. That will make you a better human being than what you are today” Nitin suggested.
“ By the way, I came to know that the girl whom you are getting married is your love. You are marrying someone whom you love more than anything. Is it true?”
“Yes, Nitin. She is my darling ..I love her very much…I consider myself to be lucky to marry my beloved” Shivam suggested.
“Then what are you thinking so much? Everything is fine with you..right?” asked Nitin
“ Yeah, everything is fine. I am very happy. I was thinking about my past.”
“Your past?? Seriously ..??? What I remember is you had a crush in school. Do you think about that nerdy girl ?” Nitin laughed
“Hehehe..” Shivam laughed and said” No she was just a mere attraction in school when I was in class 7. But you don’t know what had happened with me in these course of time after you left school.”

“ So tell me bhai…kya hua teri life mein… tell me brother” Nitin asked anxiously.
“Okay…but you need to guarantee me that you won’t fall asleep,” Shivam said and smiled.
“Tera chaadi buddy dost hu yaar. How could I ?” Nitin replied
“Okay let me bring two cups of coffee and then I will start” Shivam suggested.
“As you wish Man” Nitin replied.

Shivam brought two cups of coffees from the adjacent room.
Shivam started to tell past incidents that had happened in this life by taking the first sip from the cup.” Nitin, hope you remember. After school, you left for Sweden, and I was all alone. I didn’t have many friends these days.”
“Yeah .. I remember very clearly. Due to my father’s business and my higher education, we shifted from Kolkata” But what happened after that?” Nitin asked.
Shivam replied

Shivam Awasthy
Dum Dum Park,Kolkata,2011
I was a bit sad. My childhood buddy Nitin has left Kolkata. There was no one as close to me as he was.We used to study together. We used to play together. We used dance, sing, jump everything . He was just like a brother from a different mother.
It was just a shock recently to hear from Mr Sabrewal that he wanted his son to study in abroad and that he would be settling in his hometown Ahmedabad.
It was very difficult for me to bid farewell to my buddy in Netaji Shubash International Airport last night. I didn't know how I would manage to stay without him.
I was not very outspoken and had very limited number of friends in school. Many of my friends from my school in Kolkata used to call me ‘ Fattoo’ . I don’t know the reason why they used to say that. May be due to the fact that I was not very proactive while I was in school or may be due to my shyness.
Dad always wanted me to look after his business, but I wanted to be an Engineer. I was good at Science, and hence I cracked WBJEE with good marks.
“ What are you planning to do Shivam ? It’s already June. Are you planning to study Engineering in Jadavpur University or may be In BESU?” Dad asked me one evening while he returned from his Jewellery Shop.
“Yes Dad , but right now I am not very well and am not in a good condition to decide . Nitin went to Sweden and I miss him a lot. I am always remembering those days when we were together. We used to study and play and those days were really beautiful” I replied
“ Grow up Shivam . You are already a High School Passout . I am happy for Nitin. He got admitted to Sweden’s top University for his BS and he will have a bright career there. Mr Sabrewal has taken right decision to send his younger son to Sweden.”
“Yeah but still I miss my childhood buddy who was my only friend in my school days “ I uttered with the low voice.
“Oh Common Son . He will have a great life and future there. But what have you decided? What will you do? “ This time my father was harsh.
“I will probably study Computer Science and Engineering At Jadavpur University if I make it through Counselling “ I somehow fumbled hearing my dad’s harsh voice.
I always feared my Dad . He was serious and not very cool and calm as my mom. He used to scold me if I performed bad in my academics in School. He always wanted me to follow a strict and disciplined life from my childhood. I followed a strict routine. I played outdoor games only from 5 to 6 in the evening and there was no TV in our house as my Dad believed it to be useless.
But he is changed now. You will be unable to recognise him if you meet him.
So my Childhood days were not very entertaining. I kept myself busy with books and sometimes with sports outside.
“ I can understand that you performed well in WBJEE . But who will take care of my business in my absence? “ Dad asked Sarcastically.
In the meantime, my Mom brought hot home cooked Samosas for her husband who just returned from his jewellery shop.
“Dad I always wanted to be an Engineer. I don’t want to join our Family Business. I want to have a life of my own “. I somehow protested keeping my voice timid
“Look, Son; you are our only child. There is no one else in our family to take care of our business in my absence. I am becoming old. I want you to take care of my established business in my absence. I also want you to grow my business in different cities of India. I have planned to open our Shop in Mumbai also later. “ Dad said
“ But What about my education? Will I not join college and will remain (10+2) qualified? “ This time I protested a bit angrily with courage.
“Shivam , you didn’t get my point. You will definitely go to college but not Engineering. If you will pursue a Technical degree , you are bound to get jobs in Bengaluru or may be in Hyderabad. I don’t want you to go away from us. Your mother is also ill. She suffers from asthmatic problems. We don’t want you to leave us in this age. What say Seema ? “ my father said and looked at my mother.

Mom remained silent. She is an asthmatic patient, but at that time, it was just a lame excuse from my father.
She seemed to have avoided what my father was asking her.

I spoke again “ Dad it was always my aspiration to pursue Engineering. Even I scored well in Joint Entrance Examination, then why not Jadavpur University? “
“Shivam, I truly understand that. You are a bright student. You will perform well there. But I would suggest you join a management related course and post completion of that join our family business “. Dad suggested
“Okay. But I have no interest in management stuff and all, and moreover, I don’t have any idea in Business Subjects and Accountancy. How will I manage?” I questioned back.
“ Son you are a bright student. You will excel in every field wherever you will go “ Dad somehow flattered.
“Why don’t you try for St Xavier’s BBA program? You will have a fair understanding of business subjects, and you can also pursue Masters later and may also join a corporate with a lucrative career.” Dad Suggested.
Dad sounded sceptical this time. Earlier he suggested that its better for me to join his business and now he is saying that I can join a corporate career later if I wish.
Little did I know at that time that my parents really cared for me. They didn’t want to lose my sight. They always wanted to stay beside me. My parents just made some lame excuses so that I could stay with them.
I remained silent hearing my Dad’s words. I was a bit shocked. I had an aspiration for Engineering and now my father has suggested me to pursue BBA from much reputed Xavier College in Kolkata.
“What Shivam? What are you thinking?What is your decision then ? “ dad was anxious .
“I don’t know anything “ I kept quiet.
My Dad may seem harsh at that time. After all, he was against his son’s aspiration. But later I understood he was right. I was a bright student in school but same thing was not applicable while I was in College. This is not because that I disliked business studies. But Actually I was in Love. I was in Love for the first time.

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About the Author:

Arijit Ghosh is an author from Kolkata. His debut novel “Single Yet committed?? Its Complicated” was published in 2015 and it had gained much appreciation and positive reviews from readers. It was highly ranked in Flipkart (4.8/10). Arijit loves to read novels, watch movies, play Cricket and stays with his parents in Kolkata.
He is a Btech and MBA qualified and is currently working in a Big 4 firm. “ Loving you my way-A rebound love story” is his second novel.