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Genre : Drama
TARGET AUDIENCE: Teenagers and Adults
Pages : 180

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When two people fall in love, they fall in love for eternity! Beyond the ever changing world and circumstance, they promise to be with each other till the end of time. Will the love of Darshan, a destitute vagabond & Kathryn, the quintessential empowered women, be able to last when the status-quo of kathryn’s past is challenged? Together they embark on a journey to unravel the mystery that will change their lives forever. It is a saga of their romance, their passion and courage to face the truth. Amongst many questions, amongst many unsettling answers, their love blossoms! People change they say but what if it’s not them, it’s their past that changes. Will Darshan love Kathryn, no matter what her past is or will he fulfill the old prophesy proclaiming the evanescent nature of love?

Sample Chapters:

Chapter-1 “The Tryst” At 10:00 AM it was still raining as I watched from the window of my office. There were lightning and thunder, and the whole city was engulfed by the veil of rain. The constant ever consuming sound of heavy rain draws a curtain in between us and the world. It’s hard not to be reflective when the internet is unavailable, and the mobile network is out of signal. Sitting on my desk and cogitating on my life, I felt emptiness. I have a good job I thought, and a good career. Then why was I not really happy, I probed within. The rains made me feel lonely, sad, and nostalgic. But I always wanted to sit and watch the rain fall, drizzling slowly, ceaselessly. I was woken from my reverie when Nazia called me, "Hey Darshan a client is waiting for you". "Will be there in a minute" I replied. I stood up and went out into the corner alley, and took out my cigarette. In the moist, the cool air, I took deep puffs, watching the everlasting drizzle. My work was mostly client needs analysis. My spirits got lifted when I saw that my client was a pretty lady, uncommon for me. "Darshan," I said as I extended my hand for a warm handshake. She had a wonderful smile, so I conveyed it to her "You have a very beautiful smile, thank you" she blushed and asked "Thanking me for what", "For smiling" I said, `and there, she smiled again. “By the way, I am Kathryn,” she said. “And I was told that you will draft the basics campaign for us. As I gather from your firm that you have done a bit of work for us as a client” She opened her file "These are the documents which have everything we do, and at the end everything we need, I will explain it to you in a couple of days" she said. "So I will give you today’s time to go through all of them" she added. "Whole of this in one day, that’s a little cruel" I protested. "Sorry, we are a little short on time, so we have to push a little. And by little I mean we have no time" Kathryn added. "Can you show me any person on this floor who has more time" I argued. "It will not be possible for me to do it by tomorrow morning, as you see I am out of inspiration," I said. "Inspiration! We are not making a movie” She said. "In the fields which involve lateral thinking and creativity, one needs what is called as creative freedom, and it’s not an exact science. But the good news is that you can help me" I said. "ME?" she asked. "Yes, you; empirical evidence suggests that my spirit and inspiration come back after I have a hot cup of coffee with an inspirational person," I said. "You must be kidding me, right," She said in a plane tone with a touch of a smirk in her voice, "No, inspiration is infectious" then I made a sad face, helpless face, cajoling her to agree. "Come on its just a cup of coffee" I pleaded, making it look like nothing. "I cannot believe I am saying yes," she said, smiling at me; oh you hardly know anything about me, let me introduce myself to you. I am around six feet tall, muscularly build, thick black hair, sharp nose, have an irresistible dimple, wear specs, keep a moustache, and a handsome intellectual face, with a serious air of somebody who commands instant respect. “I will see you in the evening at 6:00, cafe rendezvous. By that time let me read it all and keep my part of the deal”. # I was there early and was sporting my best looks. The cafe was near to the office but was a long drive from her place. So it was really nice for her to come. I was just strolling to kill time, and just then a Mercedes stopped in front of the cafe. A very gorgeous woman stepped out, and to my astonishment it was Kathryn. She wore a black dress, all black, all power. “Thank you for coming, you look breathtakingly beautiful,” I said as the evening sunlight illuminated her with the colour of the orange flame. We entered my usual restaurant, I was walking behind her to absorb all the fragrance of this godly creature; I signaled my waiter who came and said "Long time no see saar", "Bas akele ane ka man nahi karta Desuzaji, aaj koi hai to aagaye" I replied. “How are you sir," he asked. "I am wonderful, thank you for asking" I replied. "Any special occasion today sir", he asked blushing slightly. "No Desuzaji, but I am optimistic" and Kathryn looked at me in disbelief and I winked at her, "Just kidding," I said. Well, I think Mr Desuzaji deserves an introduction, we became acquainted with each other on my several visits to the restaurant and slowly became friends. He is older than me but is a romantic fellow, so I told him on my visits with a lady, he just has to say a thing or two, and he has to say it with a little variety every time, like today. He would come to ask if anything was needed, and would blush and go. Astonished Kathryn asked "What is wrong with this fellow," she asked, and I gave her a puzzled look. “How long have you been working here,” she asked. “I have been working for over 5 years” I replied. “Ok, good. So you like what you do” she enquired. “Yes, it’s good, and I have found my comfort zone”. I was getting a little nervous because she was not the usual somebody or worse a “nobody”. She was the owner of the firm I was doing the job for. She had a commanding persona and had the air of someone who has seen it all. The way she was talking was so mature and rational. I was already jittery, and my heart was sinking. I now realised that she was not the one I thought I had signed up for. I thought it to be a casual encounter, but it turned out to be an “encounter”. I was now not looking at her eyes directly because I knew what she will ask about my career, my ambition etc. But she realised that I was getting uncomfortable and turned the conversation to more casual one. “So where does your family live” she asked. “We are not from Mumbai, far from here, in Mumbai, only I am staying” I replied and asked “I know for sure mine is not, but your family must be very proud of you”. It was then that I saw in her eyes the echoes of emptiness, as if she had no answer for it. I am not an expert on the quintessential requirement of making anyone proud, but a good career and money generally are enough. Seeing her discomfort I changed the topic to a more cheerful one. “It’s none of my business, but I’ll run the risk of being an intruder and ask you about your boyfriend” I said perspiring within. She gave me a look “yes, you’re right, it’s none of your business” but then politely said “None, so far”. “You have no boyfriends, and I am a retard” I said sarcastically. “It’s almost impossible to believe I know. But I have umpteen stalkers, so you be careful of an acid attack” she said. Acid attack means many will be jealous of me, that is something to be proud of I thought. I’ll be honest, my spirits became suddenly very high, and while I was thinking and being happy about her being single, being with me and she came to dine with me, I almost peed with happiness. But she kind of read my mind and was mightily amused. It is hard not to be romantic with a beauty like her. She wore perfume that inspired me, her unloved body inspired me, and her virgin beauty inspired me. I felt wonderful, I felt alive. I accidentally touched her hand, her soft silken hands and there were sparks. I looked at her face; the sparkle of her diamond earrings was nothing in front of the sparkle in her eyes. Her pinkish satin skin, her lustrous hairs and those amorous lips were making every fibre of my body vibrating with ecstasy. We talked for a while, but I was not really listening as I was lost in her divine aura and wondering what she was doing sitting there with me. “Now, it’s my chance of asking you the same question. You have a girlfriend or not. If yes, what are you doing here, if no then why” She asked? “I am presently single, and why I am single can be summarized by one phrase: Variety is the spice of life,” I said after a minute of contemplation. “That is just another way of stuffing an empty and shallow life. And variety my ass, it’s the consequence of feeling worthless within” she said. “Maybe, but the jury is still out on that, and you’re quite acerbic,” I said with pain and dejection. She had judged me in a strong, terse way, but I had to admit that she was entitled to everything. Her divine aura made all these peccadilloes further trivial. As the dinner came to an end, I was full of inspiration, and outside the restaurant, we said good night, the street light made her eyes look more beautiful as if that was even possible. "You have the most beautiful eyes," I said, and she blushed, started her car and went away. I did not lie, her eyes were beautiful indeed. It started raining again, and I hurried home. As I entered my flat, there was no electricity. My flat smelled of something familiar, it smelled of solitude and melancholy. My place was warm, and the rain from the balcony was beautiful. I was alone in the house, & I liked it that way as it helped me get in touch with what is real and do away with what is unreal. When I get in touch with what is real, i.e. I, myself, alone, unhurried, and naked, it’s the perfect environment to touch the surreal. Sometimes I went to the terrace in the dead of night with the world sleeping. The cool wind blowing, whispering to me, caressing me, & when I listen to the melody of it rustling in my ears, I feel alive. When I listen to the music all alone, I feel alive. When I watch the rain fall ceaselessly for hours, the cold wind forcing me to coil my limbs, I feel lonely, but I feel alive. The experience of my existence, just my existence is never as much profound as on a rainy night that paralyses human activity. No electricity, no cable, no phone, no internet, just you with the rain, the thunders, the lightning and a sense of impending doom. One feels so aware of his existence, untangled, & unadulterated by the rest of the world. On these chilly nights one searches for warmth, in the flame of a gas stove, never does the warmth of the tea seem so amiable, so nourishing but on these chilly nights and never do I feel so loving, and forgiving as when I am alone. Wrapped around my own existence I feel really alive, and when I feel alive I feel the movement of the wheel of time and the time that has gone and that will never come back, I feel closer to death. # The next morning when I woke up, I found myself very happy. With a song on my lips and love in my heart, I dressed and left for the office, to meet her again. You could understand my condition if you ever fell in love. The excitement of a crazy crush, that impatience to meet again, with an agonizing pain of suspense of what will happen next. I was dying to meet her. Sitting on my desk, flipping the papers and waiting for her. When she finally came, she stormed in and said: "Did you read the documents". Cupids were flying in the air, a melodious orchestra was humming, and the wind was flowing laden with the sweet scent of love. “Good Morning Darshan, did you read the documents" she persisted, irked by my indifference. Now I was dropped from way up in the sky, and all the pigs disappeared, there was no orchestra, the wind had gone. I was thrown back abruptly into the reality. Contemplating my best excuse, I managed “I am sorry I did not read them. But I will finish them till 3". She mellowed down a bit and said: “It’s ok, I’ll explain you the intricate ones myself”. To her proposal I smiled and took it as a small victory, you know, she forgave me and offered to explain it to me. Where was I, cloud 9 guys, cloud 9! She eyed me with disbelief and disdain. "Come on, first sit and then we will talk," I said. I bought two cups of coffee for us. "You know they say a lot can happen over a cup of coffee," I said. "Oh really, like what," she said disbelievingly. “Friendship, patch up, love, breakup, proposal, betrayal, all this and more, but I don’t want you to believe me just like that, though it is highly unlikely, I can be wrong. “I mean “seriously”. This is your best, I hardly know you, and you’re hitting on me again. Thank god you’re not in sales because you would have starved to death”. I bent forward and very genuinely asked her “How much I would have to know you so that my hitting would not make you mad”. What did I expect, I don’t know, but she was exasperated. “Dreaming is good, all great men did, but daydreaming is a sign of lunacy my friend,” she said. “You know it’s not very nice to belittle anyone’s feelings” I orated in a melodramatic voice. And she giggled, “I don’t think even you take yourself seriously, how can I?” she quizzed. I turned my face away and sipped the coffee “We should finish our coffee first” I said in a plain voice, keeping in mind the great plains of Punjab. After a few minutes in which we sipped our coffee in silence, I said: “I think it’s time we looked into the file and went about our business”. She nodded in agreement. After an hour of work I asked her “I think you should not mind if I engaged in a romantic conversation with other girls, as of now you have cleared all the doubts that you are not even remotely interested in me, hence you should not mind my romantic engagements elsewhere” I said in a calm and composed voice. As one might expect of a person in conversation with me, she gave me a look of mild disbelief and then giggled with amusement. “Would you care to explain why would I be bothered by your so-called romantic engagements?” she said. “I just don’t want you to hate me if in future you develop a thing for me and then hate me for being a flirt,” I explained. “The thing I will develop for you is “pity”. And no I don’t mind, go ahead. If this is your style, probability wise you will need may more attempts, significantly more” she said. “Thank you very much, for your sarcastic motivation. You took a big load off my chest, so now that we have cleared the air about these things, we can freely go for a cup of coffee when we leave for the day”. I said. “Do you ever give up” she raised her eyebrow. “No, never, to give up one must first own something and I have not been fortunate like others in the matter of heart or otherwise to be owning things that are valuable and then giving them up just like that, so no, I never give up” I orated with a monotonous voice while looking at the glass and giving the lost look. “Drama queen, where do you intend to take me, my misbegotten son of God,” she said exasperatedly. “Surprise,” I said. We finished the work at 5 and decided to meet at the Indian Coffee house. I was just joking I never thought she would ever come. When she came to the coffee house, she made every head turn. I then realised that she was too classy for the place, and she was too classy for me too. The large circular earrings, her mascara, lustrous auburn hair, the smooth soft touch-me-not skin, she was made in heaven. Her perfume, her Rolex, her pen, she had earned a fortune I thought. That's what surprised me, her going out with me so casually. The brother of Mr Desuzaji worked here, they were a truly a romantic family. He came to our table “Sir you skin is shining like a movie star, any special reason sir” Mr Desuza-2 said with a sweet voice and a semi-circular smile. “Ufff, Mr Desuzaji, why are you teasing me all the time,” I said embarrassed a little. “Sir, I read it in a magazine that love can make skin look very young,” he said mischievously, and I covered my face with my hand embarrassed. “My god, you have the eyes of the devil Mr Desuzaji, now give us 2 minutes then you can take the order”. Kathryn enquired “Who is this fellow,” I said “He’s just a waiter”, I know him for a long time. Looking admiringly at her I asked “So how come you don’t have a boyfriend, you look ok” I said. “What do you mean ok?" She said with a serious tone. "I mean your looks are iota above average," I said. “Iota above average! Oh, that was very sweet of you to say” she said her voice was dipped in acerbic sarcasm. “I just did not meet the right type of guy” she replied. “So you are very choosy; good for me,” I said. “What do you mean good for you,” she said. “As you have seen it’s not that I don’t try hard, but from the inside I am a very sensitive fellow, and I am 100% committed sorts nobody likes these days” I said, and she giggled again “Dear lord, last time I heard you say the variety is the spice of life, and now a 360 degree turn. You are just shameless, but what bothers me is your absolute nonchalance to it” she said. Just then Mr Desuzaji came and asked “Sir for desserts would you like “First Love” or the fruity “Just Married,” Mr Desuzaji said. “Well I intend to have “Just Married” but until that day I will go with “First Love” and god be merciful will come a day when I will go for “Just Married” I said and winked at him, Kathryn couldn’t believe it, but hey, if it would happen I wouldn’t believe it either. “Hmm, first love is like my first love, very juicy,” I said. “When did you fall in love by the way,” she asked keenly interested. “It was the spring of 1975, the flowers were blooming air was romantic, and I fell in love with a woman whose voice inspired me, her voice was like nectar, she was my English teacher,” I said with puppy eyes. “English teacher, god what could not be expected of you, falling in love with your teacher, proposing nurses,” she said. “How do you know I proposed my nurse,” I asked, genuinely surprised. “You proposed your nurse too, god, you are really disgusting,” she asked. “Well I was young and romantic, she was…. young and pretty” I replied musingly. “What else do I need to know about you? Any murder charges, any juvenile delinquencies? History of substance abuse etc.” she said. “No; my only crime was to fall in love,” I said and added, “Over and over again”. She raised her hands to heaven and sighed disbelievingly. With that, I asked for the bill, and we left (yes, of course, I paid it). Out on the street, she became contemplative asked me “I hope Darshan that I am not encouraging you, I am not really inclined to get into anything right now. You’re a maverick, and it was good but casual". "Well, to be frank, I am just glad that I met you. Now being a guy, we have our code which has no room for a mature friendship. So otherwise, I would have assumed the usual course of action. But because you are of a different league altogether, the gap inhibits my presumptions. I am more quizzed by you spending time with me. And to put an end to this encouragement angle, I will accept that there is no limit to my enchantment with you. But somehow I understand" I said with a smile. She smiled and said, “Thank you for the dinner goodnight". "Your Highness, the pleasure was all mine, goodnight to you," I said, standing by the road as she went away in her car, sorry, her Mercedes. I was left with the smell of her perfume and a presentment of an eventful future. # As I was entering my building, I met the watchman we exchanged greetings. I liked the fellow; he was old and still lived alone, cooked his own food and was at peace with his life, he was the only man in the world I felt envious of. He had a stoic disposition and a calm air which I found quite soothing. I took a cigarette from my packet and offered him. He smiled and gladly took it. In silence, we smoked the cigarette enjoying every puff. And I was waiting for him to start one of his stories, which I had become fond of. They seemed distant as if not of this world, of a different time altogether. "Babuji as you are a young man, I would like to ask you do you know what is the most obvious and yet mysterious thing in life," He asked. "You tell me," I said. "Man is a simple being; he doesn’t need much from life. But for one thing, i.e. sex. All the trouble he goes through in life is on account of sex. And which ultimately kills him. If he could leave it, learn to live without it his life is a joy. Look at me all white hair, missing teeth I am telling you a life time’s experience. But a woman won’t let the man let go of his desire for sex. It might seem contradictory, but women are the real beneficiary of sex. Have you ever seen women leaving home and everything for the search of truth? No, of course, it would be difficult for them to leave and stay alone, men won’t leave them alone, but still, you get the point, right. As long as men have this animal instinct, their lust, women will rule men, as they are the object of his desire. The moment a man loses his desire for sex, that moment he is free from their clutches. They (women) then become worthless; they have no power over him. That is why women always hate men going to spiritual gurus, they make them powerless. "Babuji kafi saal hogae, jab se akela hu, zindagi me sukun hai," He said deep in thought. I started laughing as he looked at me. I, the metrosexual man was against all this categorization, but somehow I had nothing to say, I was just amazed, he might not be 100% wrong but what he said had a fragment of truth in it". "Kya kehete ho babuji chai ho jae," he asked. "Kyu nahi". He began to prepare the tea, in the meantime, he switched on the radio, and in this cold night we were listening to Ghulam Ali's gazal "Apni dhun me reheta hu". Soon the tea came, seeing the moment I lighted another cigarette, with it its true companion "Chai". It was magical sitting there in tranquillity, peace had dawned on me. We finished the tea, and I thanked him for this lovely time, I wanted to hug him but did not. I went to my flat, and as I entered it, I was welcomed again by the emptiness, which made me a little more lost, a little more peaceful. # Next morning was a holy day, which now we call a holiday. I again woke up with a song on my lips and love in my heart. I made a lemon tea for myself, relished it sitting in the baloney with cold breeze transforming the moment. I had a whole kettleful of tea, I wasn’t going anywhere, so I whole heartedly indulged myself in the flavour of the tea, watching the birds go about their business, they looked majestic. Just then her phone came, I did not pickup which I deeply regret, for she gave me a hard time for doing that. Anyways, I lit my joint and soared high for the rest of the day, basking in the ever glorious solitude. By evening I was in a romantic mood, so I called her, "Hi how are you today". "Don't say what you don't mean" She thundered. "It’s complicated, I cannot explain it over the phone, so what time will suit you," I said with a calm voice. "First you don’t pick up my call and then so cleverly try to cajole me into meeting you" she rebelled. "Ok so see you at 7:30 at Lake Duba" I nailed it. Since the time I met her, she had a distant air, she was a little aloof even in the friendliest moments. But today she seemed even more distant, and a little sad. But what the hell, I was in a good mood & life is too short to be wasted on getting glum. Anyways my charm is infectious, I hoped for it to work. I took time to shave & dress immaculately; I have to say I looked awesome. Duba lake was a very big lake; a romantic place with lots of vendors, so one can eat to one’s taste. But it was also famous for it inspired suicide and romance equally; maybe because there is a link between romance and suicide. The breeze was cool and soothing; I sat watching the sparkles on the water. She came a little late as usual, and I could see the effort, she looked stunning. I had to ask myself, why is she here. I am like a lost man, doing average, with no money and no vision in life. She was the exact opposite; she was crafted to be a demigod. It was really kind of her to seek the company of a destitute. She smiled and said hello, I took her hand, her exotic fragrance made me crazy, "You are looking delicious" I said, and I was serious and hungry (for food, god what did you people think). Being fully aware that I was high, I was in grave danger of making a fool of myself, it made my gravely nervous. We started to walk on the pathway around the lake. She kept saying things and all the while her fragrance charged my testosterones, the touch of her hair, and the rustle of our bodies was charging me more and more, it was too much. I very gently held her hand, and she did not protest, either too engrossed in her blabbering or dying to hold my hand (FYI, I despise being called a narcissist). I was not capable of thinking, my mind was blank, and my heart was galloping. I looked at her lovely eyes her, lovely face and but why was she moving her jaw, though it looked beautiful too, but why? Was she singing a song, she must have a good voice. Oh, the water of the lake looked so beautiful like pearls shining and floating and the colours so red and so golden just unbelievable. Suddenly somebody punched me on my shoulder, I turned to see, ahh it was Kathryn, but her jaw was still moving, and another punch and I came out of my reverie, "I agree, absolutely" I blurted. She was aghast "Are you even listening to me?" she said "You are right” I managed. She was about to refute me, but she stopped. What I said was true, profoundly true. "So you were not listening," she said. "How can one, not listen to another person after begging them to come to meet them & give lame ass reasons as if you were some Booz addled Buffoon". And just when it was about to get difficult goddess Aphrodisiac saved me, and out of the blue, her friend came. "Hi Kathryn" she was Zoya. "Hi Darshan how are you," she said, "I asked Kathryn - how does she know my name" she change the topic "Come on let’s eat kulfi", but I had a sharp mind, like a fox, may be they were talking about me, about how delicious I am. We decided to eat Kulfi, and the light fell on Zoya, and she was so beautiful, the way she was eating kulfi, it was, just wild. It was making me wildly wild, she was so lovely, her hand so silky, her eyes so sensuous, her hair so smooth, oh god I am in love with Zoya, why can I not have them both. I looked up at the sky and asked god, why do we have to choose, why can’t we have them all, why this sheer barbaric injustice. I became sad, and yet again Kathryn’s jaw was moving I looked at Zoya; she was looking at me expecting an answer may be. "Yes the kulfi is delicious" I gibbered, having no clue of what the fuck was happening, and they looked at me in suspicion, so I slowly and cautiously added, "And you both are...also….delicious..." I had no idea what the hell was going on anymore. To check I took a kulfi and tasted it, "Hmm, yummy" I said, but their expression was still of dissatisfaction, so I added, "And.... you two too". They were not willing to agree with me, so I said "You have lost weight Zoya, you look great" I said to her. Now she seemed to get pleased, but then Kathryn intervened "You have just met her so how can you say that" she taunted. God, women, can be so difficult, "Who are you by the way, “weight police” retorted."Zoya, don’t mind her. You are looking great, are you engaged by the way" I said. Both the ladies were startled. And we all started laughing, them because they thought that I have completely lost my mind; I was laughing because I had no other choice and I was high. Everyone in the world thinks that they have lost weight, I bet even if you ask the fattest hippo in the world who knows that he has gained weight, but we all believe in some esoteric magic that can make us look thin. Let us go for a joy ride, I mean a boat ride. And I saw the dark lake, sparkling but dark and absolutely deserted. I added, "And yes, of course, I am joking". "I think we should go on a night trip, in the morning we will reach Jaipur". Kathryn's face showed a little concern "Are you all right, are you good" she said. "GOOD? Young lady, I am just awesome" I said winking at Zoya and looked at Zoya's looking at me with a blank expression & I promised myself never to get too high or this high again. I went to the water cooler, splashed my face for 10 minutes with the cold water, and I was now feeling ok. With a smile, I asked Kathryn to go for dinner. In the car it felt so good, I knew my car would absorb her fragrance. "You are looking very beautiful today, I mean, I am drooling" I acceded. I gently took her hand kissed her, I bent forward kissed on her neck and then tasted her lips and grabbed her ample bosom. It felt so good that it transcended the pleasure of any orgasm. We looked into each other’s eyes, and suddenly she recoiled, may be not to let the matter go out of hand. I kissed her again gently. We ate the dinner talking about platonic things aware and excited about the recent turn of events. But all the while I had a smoldering thought, which now had turned into a prodigious skepticism. It was not that I smelt foul or spurious intentions. But it was the same question of why she was with me. But I carried on with my aimless gibberish. "Shut up and eat your dinner" she made a feeble attempt to escape. “What is next on the menu," I asked her with a seductive voice and a suggestive look. "Enough is ok enough" She blasted. "I am talking about the food madam, though it’s incredible to know how your mind works" I winked at her. It’s incredible how much one eats when he is high. I ate like an elephant, and it tasted so good. There was a little awkwardness in our manner. I still was not sure what she wanted, and neither was she. As we walked outside the restaurant, I held her hand and my whole body vibrated with a sensation that travelled from all the directions, up till my spine, to my hand and to my heart. My whole being was engulfed with her fragrance. Our lives were at the cusps of change, we both seemed afraid. She was two-minded maybe for her, it a big decision she was contemplating on. I was afraid, for I was a stone, rigid, brittle, and insoluble. I was afraid of dissolving away. No, that was not it; maybe I was afraid that I will never dissolve, never melt, never fade away. I had always been afraid, afraid of intimacy. I was in all certitude confronted by my greatest fear. That even in the hands of the greatest alchemist, I will still remain a stone. She was smiling at me lovingly. "I had a lovely time, goodnight," Kathryn said. "The pleasure and honour my queen, is entirely mine, goodnight," I said.

Short Synopsis:

Kathryn & Darshan, on a rainy day, two strangers meet. He is cheap, shallow, intuitive, aimless, shameless (sometimes jobless) & hilarious. She is classy, intelligent, wild, ambitious and super rich. The king and the pauper, both are struck and held hostage by their mysterious past. In their tryst with destiny, in this wild love affair, they summon the courage to begin an unusual escapade to re-discover their past and emancipate their future. Will they find him, the missing link, will he reveal, and untangle her life? Will the pauper see in her past, the key to his? From the clutches of the past; will the truth set them free!



About the Author:

Harshad Bajpai Harshad has a degree in Mechanical Engineering, is a post graduate in finance and is currently pursuing his Doctorate in the same. He has worked with Educational brands like ITM group of institutions, and the Central University of Jharkhand. He divides his time between academics and his love for literature. He lives the dichotomy of relishing carnal pleasures and spiritual detachment simultaneously. He enjoys his anonymous and isolated life, free from any online avatars. Noopur Choubey Bajpai Noopur has a masters degree in Human Resource Management and has taught in several colleges in the past. An avid atheist, strong willed and opinionated, she is a freelance writer by day and a voracious reader by night. Mother of two boys, she has written for parenting pages like ‘momspresso’ and ‘world of moms’. However, her favorite place to publish uncensored content is her own page ‘Soul Darshan’ on facebook.