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Reuben was caught ‘sinning’ by his mother and was taken to the father of the local church. Reuben, in turn went to meet a pimp in London to find the ‘truth’. Did he find the answers to his questions? His questions are everyone’s questions no one bothers to ask. Reuben takes a daring step and what shall be the repercussions? Kamal, a timid but talented boy is overlooked by his parents and rejected by his peers, he has imaginary friends. There are secrets pertaining to his childhood and his violent personality nobody knows except his imaginary friends. What becomes of such a deluded mind even if it tries to be normal & what is normal after all? Appalling, disturbing and mind boggling tale of two boys who existed 100 years apart!

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Rahul Sharma is by education a qualified Chartered Management Accountant, Associate Member of the esteemed Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, London, U.K. He holds a Post Graduate Management diploma and is a commerce graduate from Kurukshetra University. Rahul has worked in various MNCs in the capacity of an accountant for around ten years in Delhi/NCR and the USA. The authoritative, boring and rudimentary style of corporate operating didn’t match Rahul’s artistic temperament, and he decided to call it a day being an accountant. Presently, Rahul and his wife Pooja run an online business selling home furnishing products. Rahul spends his morning teaching Hatha Yoga to his handful pupils of all age and background, a day at their online business and evening reading his subject of interests and writing – which is his highest calling and fulfils his creative instincts. The author is 35 years of age, married and has a daughter. Currently, he lives in his hometown Panipat, Haryana with his family. His subjects of interest are; Occult sciences, spirituality and religion.