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Genre : Fiction
TARGET AUDIENCE: Teenagers, Adults
Pages : 180

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This is a legend of love and pain. What happens when two broken hearts meet? They offer each other a bumpy ride or forget their own agony to heal the other? To live, to be, to hold on, we need just one more companion by our side, not the complete globe. Yes! That’s the beauty of the small world held captive in the pages of this novel, with just 2 central characters who have mortgaged their evenings to each other, in exchange for a pair of listening ears over a pair of responsible shoulders. Love is what we all need. We look for it until we get it and our soul satiates only when we have found it. However, love always is not at first sight. But if we let ourselves loose and let it happen, it just happens and when this happened, ‘Nested Strangers’ happened – from strangers to acquaintance to friends to something more to everything, with the mind and body barely aware that the heart has already absconded!

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The author, Seema has done her schooling from St. Agnes’ & Loreto Kolkata and subsequently did a degree from Kolkata University.  She started her career as a banker and was associated with institutions of great repute, Standard Chartered, ICICI and Citi to name a few. She was also associated with IT major Capgemini for 6 long years but then she gave up her career with motherhood calling. Now a home-maker, Seema is blessed with a son, Vir, who’s just turned 9 and a lovely Lhasa, who’s named Bruno. She is married to a Chartered Accountant and Company Secretary, Tarun Kehair. They’ve been married for the last 15 years and are based out of Mumbai.  Seema’s life revolves around perfection. That’s been her mantra through her life, one trait that’s managed to remain constant in the midst of the vicissitudes that life blesses us with.  Seema is an avid reader and a music fanatic.   She has put in 15 months of effort in to this novel, which is a heartfelt tribute to pure love, in an age where sleaze, glamour and glitterati rules the roost.  She signs off with an earnest hope that her portrayal of true love will touch a million hearts; a belief that the emotions described with sincere simplicity will illuminate and rekindle relationships - a conviction that the inertia and zeal, which love and only love can trigger, is beyond visible and virtual comprehension, and can only be experienced.