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We all have fallen in love and it was magical, butterflies in the stomach and violins 24/7 kind of magical. Everything goes on like some dream and everything seems to have its beauty at its peak but nothing lasts forever does it? Slowly the love starts fading and the beautiful dream turns into a nightmare snatching our heart’s shine. Similarly Chaahat fell in love but she never even dreaded in her nightmares about what was coming.

Sample Chapters:

Nov 29, 2017

I don’t know what life beholds for me further. I don’t know how I have fallen here. I was heading towards home sitting in a bus. The trees were passing by. It seemed to be an endless road. A sigh. That was all.
Dhruv was lost in his own thoughts.
‘I don’t know if he is furious at me, as he would never see me again. What will happen to me, what will my parents do on seeing me like this? I don’t want to think anymore.
I saw trees moving backwards as our bus was running to reach the destination. Few months before I was too looking at the trees passing beside, but I was on a train with my dad at that time. Full of ambitions in my eyes and happiness of joining a university, I was happier than anything. With lots of luggage, my dad was on his way to drop his daughter and let her live on her own in this horrible city, but he was proud. It was properly visible on his face. His eyes showed like an open book about how proud he was of me.
My father, was a middle-aged man, in his 50s he still looked dashing to me and why not he was my hero. He was cute with little fat and black dyed hair. He has worked hard all his life to make me happy to make my wishes fulfilled. He had a cute nose and dark brown eyes just like me. I got my eyes and nose from him. Practically I was his carbon copy all the features matched him so much.
My father was more than happy than anything, and it was visible to the fellow passengers too. My father only talked about how I am going to start my college and one day I will fulfil his dream and achieve something great. I got bored with this topic so put on my earphones and slept listening to songs dreaming about my life ahead.

July 22, 2017
We finally reached there. The campus was huge, and my dad was busy in completing the formalities for my hostel. I was lost in the beauty of the campus. I have never seen something huge such.
“Chaahat” my dad called for me to do something of paperwork and finally I got the key to my room. My dad had to leave the same day, so he went back at that time. To be honest, I was really upset about seeing him go. I have never stayed away from home ever. The way bid me farewell the day before at the station crying was too heartbreaking for me, but I didn’t cry. I never cried no matter what happened. The tears just didn’t return after my grandpa died.
The campus was huge with lots of students in different clothes dwelling theirs. It was a fashion show kind of place. Each girl I saw wore extremely short clothes and had painted their faces with makeup and had that perfect doll-like figures. And there was me, in a cream colour top and blue jeans and shoes. I was nothing like them, but I wanted to become plastic. Those girls were all plastic, and all I wanted was to be plastic too. I was fat, wheatish complexion, not great looks and no makeup. I was pretty much teased in the school for my looks so I was very much afraid of what people will think of me there. Will the accept me? One thing I had learnt was to be in the world and to survive you need to be fake, and there was I in a place full of fake people.
I went to my room. It was really small but couldn’t complain about it. I unpacked and then I was really tired. At night I interacted with some other girls from the hostel, and they were sweet. We ate dinner together, and the dinner was really bad but what we could do that’s hostel, my dear. I couldn’t sleep that night I was missing my parents very much. The next day I didn’t come out of my room, the whole day.
All I wanted was to be alone. At night finally, my roommate arrived. We weren’t particularly roommate, but it was like a flat with 4 bedrooms with a living room, so she was kind of my flatmate. She seemed really sweet and was cute. She was to a perfect plastic. At first Sanchi (my roommate) and my other friends at the hostel were quite sweet but little did I knew they were those to choose friends. I was all real with them, but after a day or 2, they stopped talking to me. I felt bad, but that’s what had happened to me all my life. People use me till they don’t have anyone to talk to and when they find their group, they push me aside.
The next day was my university orientation day. I was happy and found myself at last in a group of plastics, but at least they didn’t leave me. They were quite straightforward and cared for me a lot. I was happy, but only in the university time, when I was in the hostel, I was left all alone again by myself.
The day I arrived in Delhi I wanted to go to malls and wonder in the city, but I didn’t know many people there. There was a friend of mine Aarav if he could meet me the coming weekend. He said yes, and I was too excited to go out finally. We couldn’t go out alone so we there was outpass for girls to share, so I took outpass with Mahi. Mahi Singh, a hot chick but sweet. She was a Btech aeronautical student, a proper Bengali girl but too modern.

Aug 6, 2017
I was calling Aarav, but he wasn’t picking up my phone. I was feeling embarrassed, honestly, and I haven’t gone anywhere alone and the place like Delhi I couldn’t even think of it so I asked Mahi if I could join her. She said yes, but I was embarrassed. I called many other friends to ask if they were free but everyone was engaged. Finally, Sid agreed to come and meet me but he lived in old Delhi, and I was in Noida so it would take a lot for him to reach there.
I asked Mahi if I could be with her until my friend came there.
“Sure, I am going to see a friend, but you can join us,” she said with a smile.
“Thanks” I replied.
We were watching pgs when finally her friend came in a cab.
“He is DD (Dhruv Dubey), and she is my friend Chaahat” she introduced us.
I don’t know, but something was special in his eyes that made my heart twinge. He was simply not a particular plastic. Average body but a cute face and obviously as a person he was something mesmerizing. He was wearing a blue t-shirt and trousers with a cap. A simple look but something elegant he had in himself.
We went to a mall nearby. He was a constant chatterbox and didn’t think once about saying anything. I was too much thinking if I was looking fine or not or how will he judge me. I was too much thinking about what he will think of me I don’t know why. I was wearing a white top and blue jeans and had nothing just lipstick and kohl. My hairs were at their worst, and I hated them for it. Why do we girls have to face bad hair day when we meet someone special.
Dhruv was talking and laughing all the time. His smile was so pure like a child’s innocence, and purity lied in it. He and Mahi were continuously telling about their friendship stories about how Dhruv was so sheepish around it. He kind of blurted out everything. I was taken aback by his innocence. I wanted to spend more time with him and know him more. He was nothing like those plastics and still so happy. I still wonder how? For me, it was some unsaid saying that if I wanted to be happy it was important for everyone to like me and everyone will only like me if I am fake at least that’s what my mom said always, and moms are never wrong, right? Something I never wanted to be.
The moments I was having with him were the some of the best of my life. I was in wonder how he was so. I was kind of staring at him, time to time looking at Mahi so that they don’t think of me some creep. The thing, how people think of me was of great matter for me.
“Let’s go to a hukka bar” Mahi suggested.
Even Dhruv agreed.
I hade never been to such place. For my mother, it was equally committing a sin. I knew if my mother would know she would kill me right their but I wanted to spend time with him, so I decided to go anyways, and Sid too wasn’t there yet. I was feeling embarrassed to hang on them such and spoiling their get together. I could have stayed in the mall, but I just wanted to spend some more time with this strange alien personality. “How could someone be so carefree and happy?” I thought
Anyways we went to the lounge and there we were. That place was literally so spooky that without Dhruv I would have never entered that damned place. I was scared of that place after all. It was an underground lounge in a stupid market. That place inside was hell scary. Some odd people were out there, and my mind engaged itself again in thinking about what they will be thinking of me, a girl in such a place. My mom’s constant dialogue was roaming in my mind “girls from good families don’t do such stuff.”
The lounge was a shady place with no one there. Dhruv and Mahi were happy, but I was pretty much scared. They ordered a hukkah and started taking selfies and to spend some time and mostly to have Dhruv’s pic, I to started taking selfies, but to my bad luck, none came clear due to the dim light.
Finally, the hukka arrived, and Mahi and Dhruv started smoking me and offered me, but I refused. I told them I had never had it before. They kind of laughed at first, and I was kind of ashamed of myself, but then Mahi said that she will tell me how to. To be honest, I didn’t want to, and I was getting creeps of that place. My mind was constantly imagining my mom somehow coming their and dragging me to home. I refused again, but then Dhruv asked me with a smile. With that smile my heart kind of skipped 2 or 3 beats. I was lost in that moment for me it was like some Bollywood moment. With the perfect music at the moment just stopped there for me. He asked so I couldn’t refuse. I choked on it, and they burst out laughing. Dhruv gave me water and helped me relax. He smiled at me. It was not the smirk kind of smile when people are fake and inside them making fun of you, but it was a genuine one.
That smile was the only thing I could see. He was quite caring. I loved that fact but I knew Dhruv was in Delhi for few days for now and I knew that after this meeting I had minimal chances of meeting him again and with me being stupid those chances too reduced. I couldn’t have more moments where I just wanted to leave. The atmosphere I wasn’t used to plus I made fun of myself, so I just thought of leaving. I asked Sam, and he was too going to arrive at the mall.
“I must go right now,” I said
“What happened,” Dhruv asked with concern.
In his eyes, it seemed like he too wanted to spend some time with me, but I just shooed the thought.
“Okay let me book a cab for you” he offered, and I had no reason to disagree, so I just said yes.

I went out alone of that spooky place. I would never go their ever I thought. Luckily I found the cab soon, and I was on the way to the mall. In the way, I thought of Dhruv but now he was far away from me and in no hell I was returning there. I reached the mall, and there he was Sid.
Sid was an extremely thin guy and 6’ height, dusky tone and black hair. He was arrogant, but I was used to it. We met on Facebook, and he liked the stupid scribbles I wrote. We were good friends. Soon he involved me in his company. I hated his attitude, but he was honest. We were wandering around the mall doing nothing. I liked his company, but he was all the time teasing me of m weight. I swear that time, and he hated when anyone answered. He asked me to stop but it was a habit to say bc again and again, and every time I said bc he punched me on my arm. I just wanted to say I hate you Sid for that but instead, he was the only one who came on such short notice, and he actually cared for me. He was a friend in need always.
We were wondering when I got a call from Mahi.
“Where are you? I am in the mall.” She asked.
“I am with my friend Sid wondering here. Are we going back now?” I asked
“Naah you enjoy meet me at the entrance of the mall at 5:30,” she said, and she cut the call.
I was wondering why they came so soon from the lounge, but anyways I started behaving childishly again with Sid and irritating him. In real life, I didn’t have many friends but online I had a lot and no matter how childish I behaved they liked me. So I have surrounded my life with social networks. I was kind of addicted to it.
It was finally the time of goodbye. I was kind of happy that I will meet DHRUV again. We met at the entrance as decided and Sid left. With Mahi and DHRUV there was one more a girl. She was a perfect plastic to be seen. She was pretty. I won’t say beautiful as plastic things could be pretty but not beautiful. She was a gorgeous piece of plastic.
She too left, and I was left with Mahi and Dhruv. I again took a selfie to have his picture and finally I had it. After Mahi’s friend left Dhruv started judging that girl. Mahi was provoking him that if he liked her but he simply refused. That time all I thought was if he didn’t like her in no hell he would like me. Finally, the cab was there and we were on our way to the hostel.
Dhruv was having fun, but I just thought that I will never be able to meet him again. That thought was in itself a lot of depressing. Finally engaged in those thoughts, we reached hostel and bid goodbye. Still, I wanted to know more about him, so I thought of adding him on Instagram but that would have made me look some kind of desperate so I added him with a reason, and that was tagging him in our pic.
That night all my thoughts were surrounded of him only. The next day at college pushed me into reality again. I can’t be myself anymore I had to become a plastic, so I pushed Dhruv out of my thoughts. I wanted to become a proper plastic and to become one you had to follow some rules.
1) Look at your looks
2) Dress like a slut
3) Date someone popular, not someone you like
4) Never show your emotions to anyone
5) Be in gossip either in a good way or bad way
6) Go for hookups and stuff because they only make you look cool
I was ready to follow these rules. I brought some sticky notes and started writing stupid things about it. My best friend Nishant and I decided what to write. I have never met Nishant, but he was my favourite guy in the whole world he was my best friend. He gave no fucks to anyone, and he never judged me, so we were best friends. We never met, but memes decided our friendship. He was all about getting stoned and sex, but he was always too sweet to me. We were friends and loved each other but in a different way. After all, he was my dear lob. We decided to write stupid things that would cheer me up as they were funny but motivational.
They were motivated in a different way but not enough for me. I wasn’t happy there. It was like something was missing from me. Nishant had stopped talking to me and was busy with his things. I didn't fit in any friend circle. People have made best friends, but I was nowhere there. I tried to talk to some and at first they were sweet but later on they all ditched me.

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About the Author:

Chanchal is a student of English literature following her dreams. She is an avid reader, an amateur artist and a poet. She is defining her creativity in every possible way. She has finally begin the journey to her dreams.