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Turner's Syndrome, a rare Chromosonal disorder, that affects the growth of about 1 in 2500 females born worldwide. Yes!! Details about it, you will get easily on the internet. But do you want to know how it is living with Turners Syndrome? Then this book is for you. Yes, this is my story, written in simple language to create awareness. I leave it for you to decide whether my life is a boon or a curse. Whether the steps I took were right or wrong? Whether my viewpoint is right or wrong? Whether I found the missing Chromosome X or not??

Sample Chapters:

God helps them who help themselves. DOES HE REALLY??? WELL LET’S FIND THAT OUT. Have you been on a roller coaster Ride?? It is a ride full of sudden ups and downs. Let me take you on one. How old do you think will a female who is not a centimeter more than 4 feet 7 inches tall, weighing 32.5 kg, skinny, having thick, dark brown, short boy cut hair be?? I guess maximum 16 years will cross your thoughts right? Well Hold your hearts! I AM 40 YEARS OLD, AND ABOVE IS MY PRESENT PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION. Some are not comfortable when they start getting white hairs, I am exactly the opposite. I am waiting for that natural salt and pepper look, though I have started getting grey hair, but they are still not that visible.

I was born during my mother’s 7th month of pregnancy, weighing not more than 1.5 kg. I was in a hurry to come out in this world, The world which was strange, tempting and beautiful to me. I have been brought up in Kolkata, the city of Rashogullas and Shandesh. My mother says I was too delicate, with bones resembling matchsticks. My grandmother did allow only selected few to hold me. She wrapped me neck down in soft clean cotton. Later of course as time flew by I became a chubby girl, having big expressive eyes and an infectious smile. Years passed happily with my family consisting of my grandmother, my parents and my two sweet caring siblings, my younger sisters. A middle class, closely knit happy family, with five members, and my father being the only earning member. My salute to him. How he ran the house, God only knows. We never felt that there was lack of anything. There was never ever any shortage. We had everything needed to live, to breathe peacefully. Though we rarely went for movies, or to Restaurants, I remember that every year our dad used to take us to Circus. The elephant show was my favorite. I loved seeing Elephants playing cricket. It left me awestruck. My Mom used to get up early in the morning, prepared our and Dad’s breakfast and Tiffin. She worked tirelessly, with a smile on her face. Not only that, when we were young, she would first pick my sisters from school, drop them home, and them come to pick me, all by walking. As I was in higher grade, so my school timing was longer than that of my sisters, Till the youngest reached Grade 1. Dry snacks too, which would last fresh for few days were also prepared by her at home, so that we avoid eating from outside when hungry, and eat homemade healthy food. She was Master Blaster at running the house wisely. She firmly stood by dad through thick and thin. Hats off to her.

My childhood has been more than awesome, full of fun and as good as it can be. Pink frocks were my favorite. Regarding toys, I don’t remember having any particular favorite toy, though I enjoyed playing Ludo with friends and family. I was highly pampered by my grandmother. Even if I did mischief, my sisters used to get scolding from her. Sorry for that my Sweeties. I was my grandmothers pet. I was the Tallest amongst us. My Mom used to buy Cotton printed Material, sometimes having prints of flowers, sometimes shapes and sometimes even candies. From that She had lovely frocks stitched for us. We three used to wear it on the same day and flaunt our sisterhood. Till date we have that habit and love twinning.

My Sister Neetu, who calls me Pink and I call her Nuts, is very caring and an emotional person. She loves cooking, and is very religious. I call her half Doctor as she has excellent knowledge of medicine. She is like my mother to me. When we were small, our mom used to cut our hair. Once when mom was sleeping, I called Neetu, and told her “Oh Nuts, your hair has grown, and it is looking ugly. Come sit, and I will give you a nice stylish haircut”. She quietly came and sat in front of me. Planning to give her a funky hairstyle, I went and picked up the scissors, and started cutting her beautiful, thick, long hair. While I was busy with the Job, Mom got up. She was terrified by what she saw. I got the scolding of my life. My sister looked totally different. She was taken to a Beauty parlour, to be given a decent cut, and her long hair was then cut too short, to rectify the harm done.

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About the Author:

Pinky Bahroos is currently working as a teacher at The Banyan Club school in Vadodara, Gujarat. She has 12 years of working experience in sales team at a Travel agency in Dubai. She is a Poet and has done a bit of a theatre too. She is a member of Toastmaster international's club, and thoroughly enjoys being a toastmaster. She has a sweet tooth and loves chocolates. Her hobbies include eating, travelling, acting, giving speeches, writing poetry and watching reality shows on T.V. She is a Happy go lucky person.