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Genre : Poetry
TARGET AUDIENCE: Teenagers, Adults
Pages : 110

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Book Blurb:

Words are a collection of those reverberating, undaunted echoes that escape your soul as the ink spills. Poetry is your darkness fading away and gradually emerging as a radiant compilation somewhere intricately adorned by the words. This book explores topics like courage, love, heartbreaks, friendship and the entire concept of bringing that smile on your face that comes from the acceptance of the inevitable.

Sample Chapters:

1. Awe-done

The echoes undaunted.
The flumadiddle ruins it all,
Towards a shadow that stands tall.

It doesn't say, it doesn't move,
It only lures you to your doom.
It is a nugatory-no force, no consequence,
What it dwells on is your scintilla of Esperance.

You feel its a seven but no its not,
The eldritch takes on and now you are caught.
Should you let it do it all?
With you hiding behind the wall.

The question distinguished-why not now?
It's finally your time to take the bow.
Begin the show and take the lead,
Get out of the cocoon and eye that seat.

The courage to be strong,
The strength to hold on,
The power to let go,
And the will to do it all.

The realisation comes striking,
You have it beneath your wings.
All you need is a thought
That tells you what you are, and not what you are not.

Don't get awe-struck,
You are the magnificence,
Don't join their cacophony,
You are the essence.

You don't have to be perfect to experience serendipity,
It will come to you without any proof for authenticity,
All you have to do is to let it be a part of you.
And the world you experience will be all new.

2.You knew..didn't you?

When my smile showed happiness,
But my eyes meant sorrow.
When my face showed satisfaction,
But my heart meant compromise.
When I struggled to get through,
With no one by my side.
It was you, you who knew.
When my feet held tight,
But my hands were letting go,
When my thoughts would fear the flight,
Giving way to deception and disguise.
The darkness behind the light.
And the purpose behind my fight,
It was you, where I did confide.
When my face was calm and serene,
But my mind shouted out loud,
When my head was up,
But my heart drooped down,
For the rest, I smiled,
But you saw my smile lied.
It was you, you who tried.
You let me be myself,
You brought out that"me",
I felt my wings rise against the wind.
But you turned to flee.
Your thoughts changed,
And so did your eyes.
The eyes that saw me right,
Now offered no delight.
But it was you, you who lost the fight.
Your shoulders withdrew, my head fell back.
The betrayal you threw, created a certain crack.
The crack let in dust over our memories,
But isn't that the end of all stories?
I created a different one,
I let in light and showers.
I didn't choose thorns but flowers.
I made ice and fire glow together,
I reconstructed my wings,
With all the shattered feathers.
You are still the force under my wings,
Because hatred drives the nicest little things.

3.Forged in friendship

Its time to bid adieu,
But I wish it was not to you.
Its time to flip the present to the past,
But I can't imagine it so fast.
It's time to cry over the flashbacks,
Now I can only look back.
I wish this day never came,
It looks like the climax of the game.
Without your hands, the garden will be aimless,
Without your jokes, the most humorous will be senseless.
Without your bite in my cookie, it will be tasteless.
And the future seems nothing but hopeless.
The kalon in your eyes,
And then your pretty lies,
Everything was worth it,
But in the midst of all this,
Should I look back and cry?
Maybe once again I can try.
When today I think of leaving it all,
All that I see is a hollow dream ball,
Some fantasies, some realities,
Some love, some formalities,
Some true,some false,
Some virtues, some flaws.
The best part is that we cherished it,
Without any fall in the pit.
Now the only words that remain,
Is the "tears"and the "pain",
The tears refused to drop,
And the pain refuses to stop.
Life has its own obstacles,
But friends like you are miracles.
I know when life comes to a pause,
I can rest on your shoulder without any cause.

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About the Author:

Vrinda Chaturvedi is 16 yrs old, she passed Class 10 from All Saints' College, Nainital and is continuing studies at the Intermediate level from La Martiniere Girls' College, Lucknow. Apart from writing she pursues acting, singing and orating as interests. Her afflatus is derived from her alma mater All Saints' College, Nainital where she spent the most decisive years of her life. She belongs to Baskhari-a rural town in Eastern Uttar Pradesh and is successfully struggling and experiencing a wide contrast while balancing two widely different mindsets of the society.